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    Senior Citizen Checkup Female in Mumbai

    Tests for 107 Parameters
    The Senior Citizen Package for females evaluates various health parameters in elderly women. This package includes tests for complete blood count, iron profile, lipid profile, thyroid function, diabetes screening, kidney function, liver function with electrolytes (sodium, chloride), and essential minerals like calcium. It also encompasses a rheumatoid arthritis test, ovarian and breast cancer test ensuring potential complications are screened.
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    No Fasting Required
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    Full Body Health Checkup for Elderly Women Test Details

    Package NameSenior Citizen Health Checkup for Female
    PriceThe price of female senior citizen full body checkup in Mumbai is Rs 4299
    Tests Included17 tests & 104 parameters
    PurposeTo evaluate various health parameters in elderly women
    Pre-test InformationNo special preparation is required. Fasting is not required.
    Report DeliveryGet reports within 2 days
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
    Home TestingYes; Free home blood & urine sample collection within 60 mins from booking
    Sample RequiredA blood and urine sample is required for a full body checkup for elderly women

    Age-related Health Concerns for Women

    For women aged 50 and above, certain health conditions such as breast cancer and the challenges of menopause can become prominent areas of concern. Therefore, equipping yourself with knowledge in these areas empowers you to effectively care for and safeguard your well-being. Hence, prioritising senior citizen checkups for women as they age becomes significantly crucial. Orange Health Labs presents a variety of affordable senior citizen tests for women in Mumbai, all conveniently available from the comfort of your home. So, why delay? Seize control of your health with health screening for senior citizens today. 

    Benefits of Regular Full Body Checkups in Elderly Women

    Regular checkups with your doctor are essential, even if you're feeling well. These checkups can have multiple benefits: they screen for underlying medical issues, evaluate your risk of future health problems, and proactively prevent potential issues. For instance, conditions like high blood sugar and elevated cholesterol levels can develop without noticeable symptoms in their early stages. Thankfully, the blood tests included in our full body checkup for female senior citizens can effectively detect these conditions. Additionally, regular checkups also aid in better management of existing health conditions and upholding a better quality of life. When looking for health checkups in Mumbai, our comprehensive packages offer a convenient and thorough approach to your healthcare needs.

    The Vital Role Women's Full Body Checkup for Senior Citizen Plays for Women in Mumbai

    Regular health checkups and screenings play a crucial role in detecting issues before they become serious, improving the chances of successful treatment. Women, in particular, require specific exams and screenings as part of their routine healthcare, like breast and pelvic exams. Additionally, other tests may be recommended based on an individual's age. For instance, a blood panel or colorectal cancer screening might be recommended for women aged 45 and above. Routine checkups for women typically involve a holistic wellness examination. Moreover, full body checkup for senior citizens can be a valuable part of their healthcare routine, helping to maintain and enhance their overall health and well-being.

    Overview of Female Senior Citizen Health Checkup Package in Mumbai

    The full body checkup for elderly females at Orange Health Labs comprises tests for lipid profile, complete blood count, thyroid function, diabetes risk, kidney function, iron levels, liver function including electrolytes (sodium and chloride), and vital minerals such as calcium. It also includes screenings for rheumatoid arthritis as well as breast and ovarian cancer, ensuring a thorough assessment for potential health complications. 

    Criteria and Considerations for Senior Citizen Health Checkups for Women 

    The senior citizen health checkup packages Mumbai offer a comprehensive way to ensure the well-being of older women.The full body checkup for female senior citizens has been meticulously crafted to provide a thorough health assessment for older women. The conventional criteria for senior citizens encompasses individuals aged 60 years or older, and our package is perfect for women in this category. Proactive health monitoring with the help of these checkups has significant advantages in health management as it aids in disease prevention and improving survival rates. The key lies in early detection and discussing preventive measures.

    Tests Included in Our Senior Citizen Women's Health Package in Mumbai

    Orange Health Labs offers a full body checkup for elderly women, consisting of 17 tests that encompass 104 parameters. Details of each test are provided below:

    Price of Female Senior Citizen Health Checkup in Mumbai

    The cost of Female Senior Citizen Full Body checkup in Mumbai is Rs 4299 only. This package includes 17 tests and 104  Parameters. Our tests are conducted by experienced professionals, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

    Risk Assessment for Senior Citizen Full Body Health Checkup Packages for Women

    For the checkup, only your blood sample is needed. Our well-trained phlebotomists ensure that the sample collection process goes smoothly. You may develop a mild bruise at the needle insertion site, which will resolve on its own within a few days. When it comes to ensuring the best health checkup for female senior citizens, we prioritize your comfort and convenience.

    Why Choose Orange Health for a Full Body Checkup for Elderly Women 

    We are known for our speed, precision, and dependability. We only need a blood sample from you, and no preparation is needed from you. Here's a straightforward guide detailing the sample collection process and result timeline to help you book your medical checkup for female senior citizens with Orange Health Labs anywhere in Mumbai:

    • Visit Our “Diagnostic Lab” or use the "senior citizen health checkup near me" search function and select your location. 

    • Provide all necessary information, including your preferred date and a convenient time slot for sample collection. 

    • Confirm your booking and make the payment using the link you'll receive. 

    • An eMedic from our team will arrive within 60 minutes of your booking or at your chosen time. 

    • After collecting your blood sample, they will be sent to our NABL-accredited, ICMR-approved lab test in Mumbai laboratory for testing. 

    • For a senior citizen package, you can expect results within approximately 2 days. 

    • Your test reports will be easily shared with you via WhatsApp or email for your convenience. They are also additionally accessible via our mobile application. 


    Frequently asked questions:


    1. What is a senior citizen women's health checkup package? 

    Our health checkup package for senior citizens offers a comprehensive assessment of vital organ function, playing a significant role in the early detection of age-related issues in women. Customised to address the distinct health requirements of senior citizens, this package proves to be an invaluable resource for evaluating their overall health condition.

    2. How often should female senior citizen’s health checkup be done? 

    Certain occasions warrant a visit to your doctor or undergoing specific health screenings, such as a female senior citizens health checkup. To determine the precise details tailored to your age and medical history, consult your doctor. 

    3. Are there any specific tests or screenings that are recommended for elderly women?

    The senior citizen health checkup packages, Mumbai, evaluate various health parameters, including the commonly recommended assessments for elderly women like evaluating cancer risk and checking for cholesterol levels and diabetes.

    4. What is the cost of a health checkup for elderly women in Mumbai? 

    Our package, covering 104 parameters, is available at an attractive price of ₹4299.

    5. Why should I book a women's health checkup for senior citizens in Mumbai with Orange Health Labs?

    Choosing Orange Health Labs has the following advantages:

    • Home sample collection: We offer free at-home sample pickup at your convenience. 

    • Proven track record: With over 10,00,000 tests completed, we have a solid track record in the field of medical diagnostics and healthcare. 

    • Medical community trust: Healthcare professionals and doctors trust our services. 

    • Certified labs: Our labs hold NABL and ICMR certifications, ensuring top-notch quality. 

    These benefits make Orange Health Labs an excellent choice for preventive health checkup for female senior citizens, ensuring their health and well-being are in capable hands.

    6. When can I expect my reports after a female senior citizen health checkup package in Mumbai? 

    Once you've been tested, you can anticipate receiving the test results in just 2 days.

    Orange Health Labs provides the fastest Senior Citizen Checkup - Female services across Mumbai
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