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What is Anti Streptolysin - O Titre (ASLO) test?

This test can indicate if you have had a recent infection by streptococcal bacteria group A. It can also be used to diagnose complications that might arise from a strep infection such as rheumatic fever or glomerulonephritis, a form of kidney disease.

Why get the Anti Streptolysin - O Titre (ASLO) test?

This test is done if you have symptoms of a previous infection by group A Streptococcus. Some illnesses caused by these bacteria are Bacterial endocarditis, Glomerulonephritis (a kidney problem), Rheumatic fever (which can affect the heart, joints, or bones), Scarlet fever, or Strep throat. The ASO antibody would still be detected in the blood even after Weeks or months after the strep infection.

When to take this test?


Body Part


Sample Requirement


Normal Range

0 IU/mL to 200 IU/mL

Frequency to repeat test

Based on doctor advice

Precautions to be taken before for the test

No particular precautions are required, unless it is recommended by your doctor.


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