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    What is a Dengue Test?

    A dengue blood test analyses a blood sample to check for the presence of the virus. Also known as the dengue fever Profile (ELISA) test, is recommended if you display symptoms of dengue fever and stay in a region where dengue cases are found or have travelled to such a region recently. Several types of Dengue tests can be done using the ELISA method to diagnose the infection. A Dengue Profile test typically involves a combination of these tests to provide a complete picture of the infection. The tests done include:

    • Dengue NS1 test

    • Dengue IgG test

    • Dengue IgM test

    If you want to get tested for Dengue in Bangalore, you can take a look at the Dengue test packages, which include a variety of blood tests that can help diagnose a dengue infection. Early diagnosis can help effectively manage the disease and prevent severe complications.

    Dengue Test Parameters

    The dengue virus causes various symptoms, many of which aren't specific. Quick confirmation of the diagnosis with laboratory tests is crucial because dengue can rapidly progress to a severe stage. Dengue tests assess various parameters for diagnosing and tracking the infection. Key parameters include:

    NS1 antigen

    IgG and IgM antibodies

    All tests, including the NS1 and IgG/IgM tests, are done using the ELISA method (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), a technique that detects antibodies or antigens through a measurable enzymatic reaction.

    Dengue Test Preparation

    Here are some key points to help you prepare for a dengue blood test:

    • Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites such as fasting for a dengue blood test

    • Best time to get tested: It is recommended to get tested as soon as symptoms appear, typically within the first 5 days of fever onset. NS1 Dengue ELISA tests are recommended within the first 7 days of symptoms. IgG and IgM tests may be more useful in later stages, that is, after 7-10 days

    • Eligibility for Dengue test: If you have symptoms of dengue such as high fever, rash, joint and muscle pain, severe headache, bleeding (such as nose or gum bleed), or pain behind the eyes, you should get a Dengue test done

    • Cautions before taking the Dengue test: There are no specific precautions to be taken before the test

    By preparing with these steps, you can make sure your Dengue Profile test at home or in a lab gives accurate results.

    Why Should I Do the Dengue Test?

    Getting a dengue blood test done is crucial for several reasons:

    • Early and Accurate Diagnosis: Dengue tests facilitate the early detection of the disease, enabling timely treatment and better management of symptoms. Additionally, these tests provide accurate diagnosis by differentiating dengue from other viral infections, ensuring appropriate treatment.

    • Prevention of Complications: If not detected or treated early, severe dengue can lead to serious complications like dengue haemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome, which require immediate medical attention.

    • Public Health: Identifying and reporting dengue cases helps in tracking outbreaks and implementing control measures.

    If you've recently traveled to an area with a high number of dengue cases, it's wise to consider getting tested. If you're feeling unwell and are unable to go to a testing center, a Dengue test at home can be a helpful alternative. You can search online for Dengue test near me to locate nearby testing facilities.

    Opting for a Dengue test ensures thorough evaluation and timely diagnosis of dengue fever, allowing you to receive the necessary medical attention.

    Dengue Test Results and Interpretation

    Upon completion of the Dengue Profile test, the results will be interpreted by healthcare professionals. The results are conveyed as a value. Here’s what the values mean and further steps that can be taken based on the results:

    Antibody or AntigenResult (Index)Interpretation
    Antibody or AntigenResult (Index)Interpretation
    Dengue NS1 AntigenNegative ≤0.8Equivocal 0.8 to ≤1.1Positive ≥1.1For negative results, re-testing may be necessary. For an equivocal result, an alternative testing method should be used. A positive result indicates a primary* Dengue virus infection.
    Dengue IgG AntibodyNegative <0.8Equivocal 0.8 to <1.1Positive ≥1.1For negative results, re-testing may be necessary. For an equivocal result, an alternative testing method should be used. A positive result indicates either a primary or secondary** Dengue virus infection.
    Dengue IgM AntibodyNegative <0.8Equivocal 0.8 to <1.1Positive ≥1.1For negative results, re-testing may be necessary. For an equivocal result, an alternative testing method should be used. A positive result indicates a primary Dengue virus infection.

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