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What is Random Blood Sugar (RBS) test?

Glucose is a form of sugar and is extracted from the foods people eat. It is the body's primary energy source and fuels the body, including the cells in the brain, heart, and muscles. The body works continuously to keep the amount of blood glucose at optimum levels. And it produces a hormone called insulin to achieve this, which helps glucose get into the cells that need it for energy. People with diabetes do not produce insulin or their immune system attacks and destroys the cells in the pancreas that make insulin. When a person’s body does not produce insulin correctly, glucose remains in the blood. Hyperglycemia occurs when levels remain consistently high, and hypoglycemia occurs when the levels are too low. Random glucose testing is one way of checking the levels of glucose in the blood.

What happens during this test?

This test will provide the glucose value after a meal. Postprandial hyperglycemia does contribute to elevated glycated hemoglobin levels (a primary factor behind diabetes) and recommends testing and management of PPG levels for those patients who maintain optimum preprandial blood glucose levels but have high A1C values

When to take this test?







>/= 200 mg/dl - Diabetes.

Frequency to repeat test

Every 6 months

Precautions to be taken before for the test

No particular precautions are required, unless it is recommended by your doctor.


Chemical works
Test is available in Gurgaon through Orange Health Diagnostic Lab
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Certainly recommend them strongly for quick and accurate testing. They are the best we’ve come across in Bangalore in the last 41 years !!

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Superb experience overall. Everything was very well managed right from booking to confirming slots, to pick up and report generation.

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Very professional, efficient, and high-tech. The reports came blazing fast.

Saurabh Guru


Orange Health provides the fastest Random Blood Sugar test services across Gurgaon:

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