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    What is a Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test?

    The thyroid gland has a significant influence on every organ system of the body. The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones, which regulate all bodily processes including digestion, respiration, metabolism, heart function, and mood. Thyroid Function tests (TFT), also known as Thyroid Blood tests are diagnostic tests that help evaluate the function of the thyroid gland. TFTs are recommended for individuals with suspected thyroid dysfunction. The clinical signs of disruptive thyroid function can range from irritability and unexplained weight changes to fatigue, restlessness, and lethargy. Identifying the underlying cause of such symptoms often necessitates a thorough assessment of thyroid hormone levels.

    A comprehensive thyroid panel includes measurement of triiodothyronine (T3), tetraiodothyronine (T4), and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). The test is useful in diagnosing thyroid-related conditions like hypothyroidism (low thyroid levels) and hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid levels). The complete TFT test covers the assessment of all three thyroid hormones through a single test without the hassle of booking multiple appointments.

    Stress is a common concern in fast-paced urban environments like Mumbai, which can adversely affect thyroid function. Regular thyroid screening through the TFT test is essential for early detection and management of thyroid-related disorders.

    Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test Parameters

    TFT evaluates thyroid health by measuring the concentration of specific hormones in the blood. Any fluctuations in the levels of thyroid hormones are suggestive of a thyroid deficiency or excess. The three essential parameters of the comprehensive TFT test in Mumbai are:

    If you have concerns about your thyroid hormone levels, it's advisable to consult your doctor and arrange for a Thyroid test at home for your convenience.


    Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels are a primary indicator of thyroid function and the first test typically recommended by physicians. Produced by the pituitary gland in the brain, TSH regulates the production of thyroid hormones, T3 and T4, by the thyroid gland. Persistent deviations in TSH levels serve as an early warning, highlighting thyroid issues before they significantly alter T3 and T4 levels in the body.


    Thyroxine (T4) is the predominant thyroid hormone circulating in the bloodstream. A total T4 test involves the measurement of bound and free thyroid hormone. Bound T4 is attached to proteins and stored in the blood until needed, while free T4 is unbound and readily available to enter body tissues. This test provides a comprehensive overview of T4 availability and activity.


    Triiodothyronine (T3) is another crucial hormone synthesised by the thyroid, primarily from the conversion of T4 in the liver. When hyperthyroidism is suspected, but T4 levels are normal, a T3 test can confirm the diagnosis. Thus T3 test is a valuable tool for diagnosing hyperthyroidism.

    Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test Preparation

    Preparing for a Thyroid test is easy. Consider the following things before getting tested:

    • Prerequisites: Fasting is not required before underdoing the TFT test.

    • Best Time to Get Tested: It is recommended to provide a morning blood sample for the Thyroid test. Ensure consistency by scheduling the test at the same time each day when repeated testing is necessary.

    • Who Should Do the Thyroid Test: Thyroid dysfunction can affect individuals of any age. Consider a Thyroid test if you exhibit symptoms of thyroid disorders, are pregnant, face fertility issues, have a family history of thyroid disease, or are on thyroid medication. The test helps in assessing thyroid function and monitoring medication dosages.

    • Cautions Before Taking Thyroid Test:

      • Medications and Supplements: Certain medications and supplements can interfere with thyroid hormone levels.

      • Timing of Medication: The interval between your last dose of thyroid medication (particularly those containing T3) and the blood draw can affect results.

      • Lifestyle Influences: Stress, dietary habits, and sleep patterns can alter thyroid function and test outcomes.

    For accurate results, discuss these factors with your doctor before taking the TFT test in Mumbai to ensure proper interpretation of your hormone levels.

    Why Take a Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test?

    The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in regulating your metabolism, a process through which the body converts food into energy. This energy is essential for every cell and function in your body. When your thyroid does not function correctly, it can impact your entire system. Imbalances in thyroid hormones can lead to various health issues, and identifying these imbalances early is crucial for effective management and treatment. Following are some reasons to get tested:

    Diagnose Thyroid Disorders Early

    • Unexplained Symptoms : Persistent symptoms like fatigue, weight changes, or mood swings might be due to thyroid dysfunction. Since these symptoms can mimic other conditions, testing can help pinpoint if the thyroid is the culprit.

    • Detect Hidden Problems : Many people with thyroid issues may not realise it until they experience significant symptoms. A Thyroid test can reveal underlying issues before they become severe.

    To Monitor Existing Thyroid Conditions

    • Treatment Evaluation : If you are already diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and are undergoing treatment, regular tests help monitor the effectiveness of your medication and adjust dosages as needed.

    • Disease Progression : Track the progress of your condition to ensure that it is being managed properly and to adjust treatment strategies if there are changes in your thyroid hormone levels.

    During Pregnancy or Family Planning

    • Pregnancy Impact : Thyroid health is crucial for both mother and baby during pregnancy. Thyroid tests can help ensure that hormone levels are optimal for a healthy pregnancy and foetal development.

    • Pre-conception : For those planning to conceive, thyroid function can influence fertility and pregnancy outcomes. Testing can help address any issues beforehand.

    For Individuals With a Family History of Thyroid Disease

    • Genetic Factors : If thyroid disorders run in your family, you are at a higher risk of developing similar issues. Early testing can help in the timely identification and management of potential thyroid problems.

    If Experiencing Specific Symptoms

    • Hyperthyroidism Indicators : Symptoms like sweating, feeling hot, weight loss, nervousness, rapid heartbeat, or frequent bowel movements suggest an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism).

    • Hypothyroidism Indicators : Symptoms such as increased sensitivity to cold, weight gain, muscle aches, fatigue, weakness, slow heartbeat, or constipation indicate an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism).

    To Manage Stress and Health in a Busy Lifestyle

    • Impact of Stress : Stress can significantly affect thyroid function. In a bustling city like Mumbai, where stress levels are often high, regular thyroid testing is essential to detect thyroid conditions and maintain optimal thyroid health.

    For Medication Management

    • Thyroid Hormone Replacement : If you are taking thyroid hormone replacement therapy, regular tests are needed to ensure your hormone levels remain within the desired range and adjust the treatment as necessary.

    Getting a Thyroid test done is a proactive step towards managing your health. Whether for diagnosis, monitoring, or managing treatment, Thyroid tests provide valuable insights into your thyroid function and help maintain your overall health.

    Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test Results & Interpretation

    Range for TSH Test Results

    Here are the typical ranges for healthy individuals who are not pregnant:

    • 0.400 to 4.049 µIU/mL

    For pregnant individuals, the TSH range is as follows:

    TrimesterTSH (µIU/mL)
    First0.100 to 2.50
    Second0.200 to 3.00
    Third0.300 to 3.00

    Understanding TSH Result Factors

    High Levels : A high TSH level suggests that the thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormone, known as primary hypothyroidism.

    Low Levels : A low TSH level typically indicates an overproduction of thyroid hormone, known as hyperthyroidism.

    Factors Influencing TSH Results

    • Time of Meal and Circadian Rhythm: Few studies have shown that TSH levels can fluctuate depending on food intake and the time of day, with notable variations observed throughout the day and in response to eating.

    • Other Factors: It is important to recognize that TSH is a labile hormone and is subject to non-thyroidal pituitary influences (glucocorticoids, somatostatin, dopamine, etc.), stress, activity, that can disrupt the TSH/free T4 relationship, genetics, poisonous substances and radiation exposure, inflammation of the thyroid gland, deficiency or excess of iodine in the diet, pregnancy, certain medications – antidepressants, cholesterol lowering drugs, chemotherapy drugs, steroids, thyroid cancer.

    Range for T4 and T3 Test Results

    The normal T4 and T3 levels in non-pregnant individuals are given below:

    • Total T4: 5.53-11.0 μg/dL

    • Free T4: 0.78-2.1 ng/dL

    • Total T3: 0.97-1.69 ng/dL

    • Free T3: 2.77-5.27 pg/mL

    For pregnant individuals, the T4 and T3 range is as follows:

    TrimesterT4 (μg/dL)T3 (ng/mL)
    First7.57 - 8.131.21 to 1.32
    Second7.17 - 8.641.13 to 1.64
    Third7.07 - 8.441.16 to 1.51

    Low Levels : Low levels of T4 and T3 hormones suggest hypothyroidism. This can be caused by Hashimoto's disease, iodine deficiency, inflammation of the thyroid gland, or congenital factors.

    High Levels : Elevated levels of T4 and T3 indicate hyperthyroidism. This could be due to factors such as excess iodine in the diet, thyroid gland inflammation, Graves’ disease, or thyroid nodules.

    If any of your test parameters show abnormalities, it's recommended to consult with your doctor for better guidance and understanding of your condition.

    FAQs on Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test

    The Thyroid test in Mumbai is priced at ₹ 359. Orange Health Labs ensures rapid home sample collection within 60 minutes of booking.

    Yes, Orange Health Labs offers free home sample collection for TFT tests in Mumbai. You can have your sample collected at your home within 60 minutes of booking, subject to slot availability.

    A Thyroid test is usually performed to diagnose any issues related to thyroid function such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and other metabolic disorders.

    No, TFT test in Mumbai does not require any special preparations like fasting.

    Follow the steps given below to schedule a Thyroid test at home in Mumbai with Orange Health Labs:

    Locate the Test: Search for the TFT test in Mumbai or home sample collection and click on Orange Health’s listing.

    Review Details and Schedule: Select the test, verify the test requirements, input your address, and confirm the booking after selecting a suitable time slot for sample collection.

    Home Sample Pickup: Our trained eMedic will arrive at your home for sample collection within your chosen time slot.

    Laboratory Analysis: The sample will be forwarded to and analysed at our NABL-accredited and ICMR-approved laboratories.

    Get Your Results: You will receive your reports via email or WhatsApp within 359, with access also available on our app.

    The normal ranges for various parameters in the TFT test are:

    • TSH: 0.400 to 4.049 µIU/mL

    • Total T4: 5.53-11.0 μg/dL

    • Free T4: 0.78-2.1 ng/dL

    • Total T3: 0.97-1.69 ng/dL

    • Free T3: 2.77-5.27 pg/mL

    After booking a Thyroid checkup at home in Mumbai with Orange Health Labs, our professional eMedic will collect your blood sample from the preferred location. Post that, your test reports will be available within 359.

    The frequency of getting a TFT test differs for each individual. Your doctor will determine the frequency at which you should get tested.

    The TFT test screens for three main parameters: T3, T4, and TSH.

    Fasting is not required for Thyroid Blood tests.

    Our panel includes three Thyroid tests: TSH, T4, and T3, each offering a comprehensive assessment of your thyroid health.

    The normal TSH level generally ranges from 0.400 to 4.049 µIU/mL, based on age and other factors such as pregnancy.

    A TSH test specifically measures the level of thyroid-stimulating hormone, whereas a thyroid profile test typically includes measurements of TSH, T3, and T4.

    Yes, it's crucial to note that TSH levels can fluctuate independently of thyroid dysfunction. Elevated or reduced TSH levels might occur temporarily due to serious non-thyroidal illnesses. Additionally, individuals over 80 years of age often have higher TSH levels without underlying thyroid issues.

    Healthcare professionals typically perform several blood tests to evaluate thyroid function, focusing primarily on measuring TSH, T4, and T3 levels.

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