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    What is a Vitamin B12 Test?

    A Vitamin B12 test checks the levels of Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) in blood. Vitamin B12 is vital for the health of nerve and blood cells and plays a key role in the production of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the genetic material in all cells. Since our bodies cannot produce Vitamin B12 naturally, we must obtain it from dietary sources like meat, eggs, and dairy products.

    In India, nearly 47% of the population is affected by Vitamin B12 deficiency, which may lead to macrocytic anaemia resulting in neuropathy. This might make your hands and feet tingle or go numb. Thus, undergoing a Vitamin B12 test in Mumbai is essential to prevent these complications and maintain good health.

    Vitamin B12 Test Parameters

    To obtain Vitamin B12 from food, the body must complete two key steps. Initially, hydrochloric acid in the stomach breaks down foods containing Vitamin B12. Next, Vitamin B12 combines with a stomach-produced protein called the intrinsic factor. This complex is then absorbed by the digestive system. Vitamin B12 is vital for creating red blood cells, repairing cells and tissues, and maintaining the myelin sheath, which insulates nerves and is crucial for normal nerve function.

    The Vitamin B12 test has only one parameter; it measures the concentration of Vitamin B12 in the serum or plasma (liquid portion of blood). Thus, it is known as the serum Vitamin B12 blood test.

    Vitamin B12 Test Preparation

    Here are the key points regarding the Vitamin B12 blood test:


    There is no need to fast before taking the Vitamin B12 test.

    Best Time to Get Tested

    A Vitamin B12 test can be scheduled at any time of day.

    Who Should Get a Vitamin B12 Test

    Vitamin B12 deficiency can impact individuals of any age. Anyone experiencing symptoms such as weakness, nausea, or irritability should consider scheduling the test.

    Cautions Before Taking Vitamin B12 Test

    Some medications, like proton pump inhibitors, can affect the test results. Therefore, be sure to inform your doctor about any medications you are taking before the test.

    Why Take a Vitamin B12 Test?

    If a complete blood count reveals large red blood cells, low haemoglobin levels, or abnormal white blood cells, your doctor might suggest a Vitamin B12 test. Additional reasons for needing this test include experiencing symptoms such as:

    • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea

    • Severe fatigue or weakness

    • Loss of appetite

    • Tingling or numbness in hands and feet

    • Weight loss

    • Mouth or tongue pain

    • Vision problems

    • Difficulty walking or speaking

    • Irritability

    • Yellowish skin

    • Mood and behaviour changes

    • Depression

    • Memory issues or confusion

    Other factors that may necessitate a Vitamin B12 test include:

    • Pregnancy, which increases the need for Vitamin B12 to support foetal development.

    • Being over 70 years old, as older adults are more prone to Vitamin B12 deficiency due to decreased nutrient absorption.

    • Following a vegan or vegetarian diet, as Vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal products.

    • Taking medications that lower Vitamin B12 levels (e.g., drugs for diabetes or peptic ulcers).

    • Digestive disorders like celiac disease or Crohn's disease, which hinder Vitamin B12 absorption.

    • Having Sjögren's syndrome, this significantly increases the risk of deficiency.

    • Excessive alcohol consumption, which can damage the digestive system and reduce Vitamin B12 levels.

    • Undergoing treatment for malnutrition or Vitamin B12 deficiency, as the test can monitor treatment effectiveness.

    Additionally, your doctor might recommend checking homocysteine levels, which can also indicate a Vitamin B12 deficiency. These tests help diagnose the deficiency and identify the underlying cause, aiding in treatment planning.

    Vitamin B12 Test Results & Interpretation

    Normal Vitamin B12 Range

    The normal range for Vitamin B12 is 239-931 pg/mL

    Understanding Test Results

    Low Levels

    Low levels of Vitamin B12 may be a sign of a deficit brought on by:

    • Hereditary illnesses such transcobalamin II deficiency.

    • Dietary deficiencies, especially in vegetarians

    • Fish tapeworm infection

    • High homocysteine levels Lack of intrinsic factor or production of intrinsic antibodies (as in pernicious anaemia)

    • Certain surgical procedures, such as weight loss surgeries

    • Gastrointestinal conditions, like atrophic gastritis

    • Conditions that impair vitamin absorption, including Crohn's disease, celiac disease, pancreatitis, and resected small bowel

    Increased requirements during pregnancy, particularly in the final trimester, can also lead to reduced Vitamin B12 levels. Since Vitamin B12 and folate work together to support cell function, your doctor might also recommend testing your folate levels simultaneously.

    High Levels

    Elevated levels of Vitamin B12 are rare since excess amounts are usually excreted in urine. However, certain conditions can cause an increase in Vitamin B12 levels, including:

    • Myelogenous or promyelocytic leukaemia

    • Protein malnutrition

    • Chronic kidney disease

    • Congestive heart failure

    • Polycythaemia vera

    • Hepatocellular carcinoma

    • Metastatic liver disease

    • Drug-induced cholestasis

    • Acute hepatitis

    • Cirrhosis

    If your Vitamin B12 test results are not normal, it is crucial to consult your doctor for further evaluation and interpretation.

    FAQs on Vitamin B12 Test in Mumbai

    The Vitamin B12 test price is ₹ 1150. This cost of the Vitamin B12 test includes the quickest possible home sample collection, which may be completed within 60 minutes of scheduling, and results can be available in 6.

    Yes, Orange Health Labs offers home sample collection for the B12 test in Mumbai. You can have your sample collected at your convenience within 60 minutes of booking, depending on slot availability.

    A Vitamin B12 test assesses the level of Vitamin B12 in your blood. This vitamin is crucial for producing red blood cells, repairing cells and tissues, and maintaining nerve health. It is essential to ensure your body has adequate levels of Vitamin B12.

    No, fasting is not required for the Vitamin B12 test.

    Here are the steps to book any blood test on our platform:

    • Search for the Test: Look for the Vitamin B12 test in Mumbai and click on Orange Health’s page.

    • Review and Book: Select the test, review the prerequisites, enter your address, and confirm the booking after choosing a suitable time slot for sample collection.

    • Sample Collection: Our professional eMedic will show up at your home within the time frame you specify to take the sample.

    • Lab Processing: The sample will be forwarded to our ICMR-approved and NABL-accredited labs for analysis.

    • Receive Results: The reports of your Vitamin B12 test at home will be delivered via email or WhatsApp within 6. They will also be available on our app.

    The normal range of Vitamin B12 is 239-931 pg/mL. Vitamin B12 levels outside of this spectrum might suggest an underlying health issue. Seeking advice from your doctor is advisable in such circumstances.

    The reports for the B12 test are available within 6 of test completion.

    How often you need Vitamin B12 tests depends on your symptoms and any underlying conditions you may have. Your doctor will be able to provide personalised recommendations regarding the frequency of these tests.

    The Vitamin B12 test involves assessing a single parameter: the measurement of Vitamin B12 levels in your bloodstream.

    Symptoms such as tingling, numbness, loss of balance, weakness, sudden confusion, brain dysfunction, or nerve issues might prompt your doctor to recommend the Vitamin B12 test to investigate for deficiency.

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