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Complete Haemogram (CHG) Test in Noida

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What is Complete Haemogram (CHG) test?

Haemogram is a group of tests performed on a sample of blood. This test measures vital blood parameters including, total counts, differential counts, absolute counts, and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, giving a complete clinical picture of the blood.A platelet count check is a test that decides the number of platelets in a certain quantity of blood. It very well may be done as an individual test or can be checked as a portion of the Total Blood count (CBC). Platelets are tiny blood cells that are required for blood clotting. This test can be utilized to screen, analyze, or screen conditions like bleeding issues, bone marrow illnesses, or other related basic conditions.

Why get the Complete Haemogram (CHG) test?

To monitor overall health as part of a routine check-up, an existing blood disorder and to monitor a treatment that is known to affect blood cells.

When to take this test?


Frequency to repeat test

Every 6 months

Precautions to be taken before for the test

No particular precautions are required, unless it is recommended by your doctor.


1. Hemoglobin 2. RBC Count 3. Haematocrit 4. MCV 5. MCH 6. MCHC 7. RDW-CV 8. Total WBC Count 9. Neutrophils 10. Lymphocytes 11. Monocytes 12. Eosinophils 13. Basophils 14. Platelet Count 15. MPV 16. Absolute Neutrophil Count 17. Absolute Lymphocyte Count 18. Absolute Monocyte Coun 19. Absolute Eosinophil Count 20. Absolute Basophil Count 21. Erthrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

Chemical works
Test is available in Noida through Orange Health Diagnostic Lab
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Certainly recommend them strongly for quick and accurate testing. They are the best we’ve come across in Bangalore in the last 41 years !!

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Superb experience overall. Everything was very well managed right from booking to confirming slots, to pick up and report generation.

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Very professional, efficient, and high-tech. The reports came blazing fast.

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