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What is Vitamin B12 test ?

Vitamin B12 testing measures the extent of vitamin B12 in your blood. Having a vitamin B12 deficiency, or a coffee level of this essential vitamin, can cause a variety of health issues, including anemia and nervous system problems.

  • Vitamin B12 levels could also be low for a variety of reasons, including inadequate dietary intake, the utilization of certain medications, advanced age, or conditions that make it harder for the body to soak up vitamin B12 from your food.

When is the Vitamin B12 test recommended?

Vitamin B12 test could also be ordered to work out the explanation for a patient’s symptoms. it's going to even be ordered after an abnormal result on a special biopsy to find out more about an individual’s health. Monitoring purposes for vitamin B12 testing include:

  • Evaluating symptoms of anemia, a blood disease marked by a loss of normal red blood cells.

  • Following up after an abnormal biopsy that means megaloblastic anemia, a kind of anemia where red blood cells are unusually large and performance abnormally.

  • Determining the explanation for symptoms associated with the nervous system, including mental changes, weakness, loss of balance or numbness, pain, and tingling within the arms and legs.

  • To monitor people that are being treated for a previously diagnosed vitamin B12 deficiency.

What does it measure?

Vitamin B12 may be a nutrient that's important for several aspects of human health. Adequate levels of vitamin B12 are needed for your body to take care of a healthy nervous system, make red blood cells, and make DNA, the genetic material present altogether of our cells.

  • Vitamin B12 occurs naturally in animal proteins, like meat , fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy. Other foods, like breakfast cereals, nutritional yeast, and a few plant milks, could also be fortified with vitamin B12 . This vitamin is additionally available as a supplement and as a prescription medication.

  • In food, vitamin B12 is sure to protein. so as for your body to soak up it, the vitamin must be released from the protein. As your body digests food, enzymes in your alimentary canal separate vitamin B12 from these proteins. The freed vitamin B12 then combines with a protein made by your body called factor, which is secreted by cells within the stomach. Together, vitamin B12 and factor are absorbed within the lower end of the tiny intestine.

How long will the Reports take?

The reports will take about 6 hours after the blood sample is collected.

What is the cost of the Vitamin B12 test?

The cost of the Vitamin B12 test in Noida is Rs. 1000.

How often should I get tested for Vitamin B12 test?

It depends on the doctor's assessment of your symptoms and conditions.

What are the normal values for Vitamin B12 test?

The Normal range: 211 - 911 pg/mL.

What is the type of sample required?

We require blood for this test.

What time should I get the test done?

The test can be taken at any time during the day.

Is fasting required for a Vitamin B12 test?

Fasting is not required for this test.

Any other precautions to be taken before getting myself tested for a Vitamin B12 test?

There are no specific precautions for this test. Depends on the doctor.

How can I book a Vitamin B12 test in Noida?

Log into and submit your details. Our highly trained, professional, and vaccinated eMedics will be at your doorstep within 60 minutes or at the time booked by you.

Why should I book a Vitamin B12 test with Orange Health in Noida?

Orange Health is the Fastest Diagnostic Lab. With us, you can get tested at home within 60 minutes of placing an order anywhere in Noida. Our trained, professional and vaccinated e Medic will be at your doorstep at the time selected by you.

Your sample is safely transported at the optimal temperature to our NABL accredited and ICMR approved lab. The results will be delivered to you faster too!

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