15 Aug 2022

Artificial intelligence could have a solution to antibiotic resistance

AI-assisted search for new drugs is strikingly faster than conventional development

9 Aug 2022

Foods Have Gotten Sweeter Over the Decade

If you are reading this from India, chances are, you are at a disadvantage of getting Type 2 Diabetes over your American cousin.

1 Aug 2022

Cycle Your Way to Quick-Thinking

Boosting exercise is linked to better mental health in women. Read on...

25 Jul 2022

Alcohol is Not Good for Those Under 40

Alcohol consumption in those under 40 poses significant health risks. A sobering new study suggests that even the smallest amounts of alcohol is not beneficial for those in the age bracket of 15-39.

18 Jul 2022

Avoid Cooking in Aluminium Vessels

Cooking in aluminium vessels causes Alzheimer disease.

17 Jul 2022

How Many Edible Weeds Have You Eaten?

14 Jul 2022

Everything You Need to Know About a Vegan Diet for Kids

12 Jul 2022

Increasing Cases of Cataract in the Younger Population

Prolonged exposure to screens and UV rays, environmental factors like pollution and food adulteration, lifestyle habits like smoking and consuming alcohol is leading to increasing cases of cataract in the younger population.

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