Avoid Cooking in Aluminium Vessels

Team Orange Health

18 Jul 2022

While it is a standard practice in Indian households, cooking in aluminium vessels has been linked to Alzheimer’s. Researchers at MSU's department of foods and nutrition found a correlation between aluminium cookware and Alzheimer's disease, which is a neurological disorder that causes the brain to shrink and the brain cells die. This study revealed that cooking food in aluminium kadai, especially deep frying, can lead to consumption of a large number of microscopic particles of aluminium with our food. Other than Alzheimer's, this can also cause osteoporosis, kidney failure, and many other health problems. The alternatives are shifting back to seasoned cast iron vessels and opting for stainless steel or glass cookware in this case.

Reference link: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/health-news/cooking-food-in-aluminium-vessels-increases-risk-of-alzheimers-disease-finds-research/photostory/92805644.cms?picid=92805665

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