Everything You Need to Know About a Vegan Diet for Kids

Team Orange Health

14 Jul 2022

Growing number of vegan Indian couples are choosing to raise vegan kids. 400 million (about 39% of India’s population) Indians are vegetarian for religious reasons. We have already learnt hacks to maximise the nutritional power of vegetarian food. However, for growing children, the risks and benefits of a vegan diet are more complex than adults. If a child misses certain nutrients required during certain developmental phases, the consequences can be dangerous. Studies suggest that the benefits of a vegan diet among kids, compared to their omnivore peers, were that the vegan children are leaner with better markers for cardiovascular health. The disadvantages were that they were shorter and had lower bone mass than expected for their age.

If you are vegan for personal, health, or climate reasons, here is the gist: Couple India’s traditional plant based cooking wisdom with new scientific advancements (like B12 fortified food, supplements like protein, and other nutrient dense foods) and you are equipped with everything you need to raise a vegan kid.

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