Foods Have Gotten Sweeter Over the Decade

Team Orange Health

9 Aug 2022

More and more manufacturers are resorting to using non-nutritive sweeteners such as artificial aspartame and natural stevia. Found mostly in ice-creams and confectionary products, latest reports say that even drinks are now loaded with 36% more non-nutritive sweeteners. Added sugars in packaged food are 9% higher now. What is worst is that sweetened foods are cheap and advertised extensively. According to research reports, packaged food items have gotten sweeter in the last decade and more so in India and China. The daily allowance for men is less than 9 tsps and 6 tsps for women. However, an average of 14 tsps are being consumed in high-income countries. Aspartame and stevia are known to be linked to heart disease and cause disruption in the gut microbiome too.

What should you do? To reduce the harm caused by added sugars, opt for real non-packaged food. A poha pm 4 pm is better than some cookies with your chai, however multigrain and sugar-free your cookies are.


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