Heart Attacks Among Younger People (25 to 55) Have Gone Up from 1-2% a Decade Ago To 15-20% Now

Team Orange Health

7 Sep 2022

Those aged between 30-45 were not at risk of death due to heart attacks just some years ago. Today they contribute 15-20% of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases. What has caused this deviation from affecting the older population to fairly young folks? Deranged lifestyle, wrong diet, genetic predisposition, poor sleep, and stress. According to the Indian Heart Association, when heart disease strikes Indians, it tends to do so at an earlier age (almost 33 percent earlier) than other demographics. Doctors talk about the necessity of regular check-ups for those in their late 20s and 30s and being vigilant about any new symptoms. While it cannot be avoided, CVD’s risk factors can certainly be controlled.

Ref: https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/trends/health-trends/why-are-young-indians-increasingly-dying-of-heart-disease-8625861.html

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