How Many Edible Weeds Have You Eaten?

Team Orange Health

17 Jul 2022

WEPs meaning Wild Edible Plants aren’t a cultivated or domesticated species. However, they should not be dismissed as alien or unwanted either. They are plants that grow on their own and have been foraged for ages. These plants alleviate malnutrition and increase food availability. A study reveals that more than 1,400 species of wild plants are consumed in India for their immense nutritional properties and food diversity. These were an important part of our diets of yore but urbanisation quickly changed the scene. Some examples are:

  • Tropical spiderwort (Kena Saaga)

  • Sorrel Herb (Khatti Booti)

  • Caraway leaves (Dodapatra)

  • Forest bitterberry (Chichardi)

  • Purslane (Kulfa)

  • Cloudberry

  • Seabuckthorn

  • Black nightshade (lal makoi)

  • Ten leaves (patthila thoran)

Have you tried any of these? Do you want to share information about any forgotten greens eaten in your locality/community? Write to us.

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