How To Hack Happiness: 5 Tips

Happiness is like a vitamin, but for the soul. Call it joy if you will. While it may not be possible to be happy all the time, you can train your mind to create happiness and then increase it. Turns out, like all spheres of life, happiness also requires some work. Here are some hacks to train your mind to look out for happiness.

1. Make fun your job. Fun is not just for kids to have in their play area. Include playfulness in your schedule. Meet people who give you joy. It's a secret to feeling alive. Let go of perfectionism (a byproduct of adulthood). Distractions like phones keep us from real connections and those nano moments of fun. Rebel; give yourself permission to take a break from your responsibilities one day and do something out of routine.

2. Accept more, expect less. The locus of control should always be inside. Expecting and waiting for external circumstances to improve or people to change will only keep you away from happiness. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, accept more, go with the flow. Lasting satisfaction in activities that bring about a state of flow bring more joy in our everyday lives. People can delight you when you expect less from them.

3. Live a deeply passionate life outside of work. You cannot find happiness outside. Whether it is a person or financial success. Happiness is an inside job. That elixir is inside you. Find the fountain that creates it. As it is believed in Buddhist philosophy, happiness is not a pleasurable state because that can change quickly. Happiness is to experience fulfilment in an activity and finding a purpose. Woodwork? Crochet? Youtube channel about gardening? Whatever it is that piques your interest, get on the bandwagon of a fulfilling hobby.

4. Practice mindfulness, meditate if you can. Build something within, while you try to build a beautiful house, a big social network and a postural professional image. Mindfulness can make us feel happier. Have you heard of grounding techniques? Forest bathing (spending time in forests), blue environment immersions (swimming in natural water bodies), being involved in an activity you enjoy whether it is cooking or gardening, are all shown to increase our level of positive emotions.

5. Step out, get sunlight, move - physical exercise is known to increase dopamine. Fitness can improve physical and mental health both. Incorporating outdoor moments is an underrated hack to feeling happier. As you step out to your neighbourhood park, be aware of the sensations and feelings. Observe how the grass feels or the park smells, observe how the sunlight feels on your skin. Is the weather too hot or too cold? That little puppy who follows you? Look up at the trees and cloud formations in the sky. Soak in the energies of the universe.

Joy drives the quality of our lives. Hence it is not optional, but a must. Our wish for you is that you have enough reasons to be happy.

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