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    Vitamin B12 Test

    Also known as  Cobalamine | B12 | Cyanocobalamin | Vit B12
    A vitamin B12 test analyses the levels of vitamin B12 in the blood. Having a vitamin B12 deficiency, or having a low level of this essential vitamin, may cause a series of health issues, including anaemia and nervous system problems.
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    Vitamin B12 Test Details
    Test NameVitamin B12 Test
    Normal Range239 - 931 pg/mL is the vitamin b12 normal range.

    Vitamin B12 Test Price Details

    CityVitamin B12 Test Price
    Bangalore₹ 1100
    Mumbai₹ 1150
    Hyderabad₹ 1100
    Noida₹ 1000
    Gurgaon₹ 1400
    Delhi₹ 1000
    Faridabad₹ 1000

    Vitamin B12 Blood Test Meaning

    Vitamin B12 is one of the members of the B vitamin family. Vitamin B12’s other name is cobalamin. It is essential to maintain the normal range of vitamin B12 as it is required for producing red blood cells as well as for tissue and cell repair. Vitamin B12 also promotes nerve health. Together, folate and vitamin B12 support healthy cell activity.

    The vitamin B12 range in your blood is determined via a vitamin B12 blood test. At the time of the B12 test, your folate level is also checked as the functions of these two go hand-in-hand.

    Reason/when to take the Vitamin B12 Test

    If you have signs or symptoms of lower-than-normal B12 levels or a medical condition that interferes with your body's capacity to absorb vitamin B12 from your stomach, you could require the B12 test.

    Your doctor may order B12 test reports if you:

    • Are pregnant or nursing, to support the growth and development of your unborn child. You may also need to check folate with vitamin B12 normal values.

    • Have an abnormal blood test

    • Have anaemia: A type of anaemia known as macrocytic anaemia can occur due to vitamin B12 deficiency. This may result in neuropathy, a form of nerve damage that causes tingling or numbness in the hands and feet.

    • Have neuropathy symptoms

    • Have a vegan or vegetarian diet: Vitamin B12 may be found in foods like meats, eggs, seafood, milk, and its products, such as cheese. Hence people on vegan or vegetarian diets may be deficient in vitamin B12 content.

    • Have noticed changes in your mental health

    Vitamin B12 Parameters

    The vitamin B12 blood test has only 1 parameter: Vitamin B12 levels. At the time of the B12 test, your folate level is often checked. Together, folate and vitamin B12 support healthy cell activity. For the production of red blood cells and tissue healing, vitamin B12 and folate are essential.

    Understanding the Vitamin B12 reports

    Interpreting test results

    The test report will indicate the blood value of vitamin B12 as well as the laboratory reference range. Reference ranges are the test result ranges that are considered normal.

    Reference ranges may vary slightly depending from lab to lab used. A average B12 level generally falls between 239 and 931 picograms per millilitre (pg/mL). 

    If the result is between 200 and 300 pg/mL, the result is considered borderline, and the doctor may ask you to repeat the vitamin B12 test or undergo additional testing.

    If the values fall under 200 pg/mL, it indicates a vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency may be due to known causes such as a vegan diet, medications, problems with the pancreas, surgery, or diseases affecting the digestive system. Deficiency might also be a result of inability to produce intrinsic factor. The intrinsic factor is normally secreted by the cells in the stomach. An inability to produce this protein may be caused by a weakening of the stomach lining or an autoimmune condition leads to a condition called pernicious anaemia.

    Overgrowth of bacteria or fish tapeworm infestation in the digestive system: These disorders, caused by bacteria or parasites, consume vitamin B12 and leave less for the infected person to absorb.

    Poor absorption of vitamin B12 due to low stomach acid: Low stomach acid may be due to age, diseases that cause low stomach acid, or repeated use of drugs to decrease stomach acidity.

    Other autoimmune problems: These may include thyroid disease or vitiligo. 

    Usually, higher vitamin B12 levels are uncommon since excess vitamin B12 is usually removed in the urine. However, some conditions, like liver diseases and myeloproliferative disorders, can cause an increase in vitamin B12 levels.

    The B12 normal values range from 239–931 pg/mL.2 The following factors may interfere with vitamin B12 test results, giving you erroneous results:

    • Alcohol consumption and smoking

    • Heavy and strenuous exercise

    • Misinterpretation of the results

    Conditions/disease detected under Vitamin B12 Blood Test

    Abnormal vitamin B12 test results may indicate the following conditions:

    • Anaemia

    • Bone marrow suppression

    • Infection

    • Autoimmune disease

    • Some types of cancers

    • Allergic reactions

    • Iron, folate, and vitamin B12 deficiencies4

    Vitamin B12 blood test preparation

    Vitamin B12 blood test preparation includes fasting for 6 to 8 hours before the test, in which you should not eat or drink anything except water.

    Risks and limitations of Vitamin B12 Test

    You may experience the following after the vitamin B12 blood test:

    • Pain

    • Bruising

    • Infection

    • Dizziness

    • Fainting

    • Blood clots

    • Bleeding

    • Other discomforts at the blood drawing site

    • Occasionally, swelling at the spot where the needle is injected

    Booking at home Vitamin B12 Test with Orange Health Labs across cities

    The vitamin B12 test is now more accessible than ever. You may now schedule a test of vitamin B12 in your city with Orange Health online or through our app. Our services are available in all of India's main cities. Enter your address after logging into your account on our website. Within an hour of your appointment, one of our skilled and licenced medics (phlebotomists) will collect the sample at your home or place of business. You may receive the results of your vitamin B12 lab test by email or WhatsApp.

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