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Urine Routine Examination Test in Bangalore | Home Sample Collection in 60 min

Also known as  Urine Routine | Urine R/M | Complete Urine Examination (CUE)
Available everyday from 6:30 AM to 10 PM
Sample(s) required
Preparation required
No Fasting Required
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In-house labs

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6 AM - 10 PM

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Urine Routine Test Details

Test NameUrine Routine Examination Test
PriceThe price of Urine Routine Test in Bangalore is ₹ 250
Also Known AsUrine Routine Test is also known as Urinalysis or Urine Test
PurposeTo check for urinary tract infections, & kidney problems
Pre-test InformationFasting is not required for Urine routine test
Report DeliveryGet Test reports within 6 Hours
FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
Home TestingYes; Free home urine sample collection within 60 mins from booking
Sample RequiredUrine sample is required for a urine routine examination test

Urine Routine Examination Test Overview

The urine routine examination is a test that checks several components of a urine sample. Gross examination, chemical, and microscopic tests are all part of a complete urinalysis. Urinalysis is frequently measured to screen for urinary tract infections, kidney and liver issues, and diabetes. Additionally, this test aids in the diagnosis of a urinary tract infection (UTI) and assists in offering appropriate care. 

Reasons for Urine Routine Examination Test

Urine routine examination test is recommended in cases of symptoms suggestive of urinary tract infection (UTI), such as abdominal pain, back pain, painful or frequent urination, and blood in the urine. The urinary tract is a combination of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. UTIs are not fatal in general, however, if left untreated, they may cause damage to multiple organs.

Urine Routine Test Price in Bangalore

The price of a urine routine test in Bangalore is Rs 250. This crucial urine routine test is instrumental in detecting various health conditions. Additionally, we provide the added convenience of free at-home sample collection, prioritizing our customers' ease in managing their health.

Parameters measured during Urine Routine Examination Test:

A Urine Test comprises three components:

  1. Visual Examination:

  • Red or tea-like colors might indicate blood. This might serve as a signal of illness or harm to a segment of your urinary system.

  • Cloudiness could point to infection, such as UTIs or Sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

  • Foamy urine may signal kidney issues.

2. Microscopic Inspection:

  • Red blood cells in urine might be a sign of problems with the bladder, kidneys, or urinary tract.

  • White blood cells might suggest the presence of an infection or inflammation within your urinary tract.

  • Epithelial cells could suggest the possibility of infection, inflammation, or even urinary tract cancer.

  • Bacteria, yeast, and parasites may show a possible infection like UTI, STI, or vaginal yeast infection.

  • Pus cells in urine point towards a condition known as pyuria.

  • Some urinary casts point towards the possibility of kidney problems.

  • Crystals indicate a risk of developing kidney stones.

3. Dipstick Test:

  • pH Levels: Elevated pH might imply kidney problems, stones, or infections. A decreased urine pH might point to conditions like diabetes-related ketoacidosis and diarrhoea.

  • Specific Gravity: High urine specific gravity values could signal issues like Addison's disease, heart failure, or dehydration, while low values might indicate conditions like renal tubular necrosis or diabetes insipidus.

  • White Blood Cells: Leukocyte esterase is a urine dipstick test to identify a substance indicating the presence of white blood cells in urine. A negative result is considered normal, while a positive result suggests a potential UTI.

  • Protein: The presence in urine suggests the possibility of kidney problems, heart problems or dehydration.

  • Glucose: A presence in urine indicates diabetes.

  • Bilirubin: Presence in urine might signal liver or bile duct problems.

  • Ketones: The presence in urine helps to detect diabetes-related ketoacidosis.

  • Nitrate: Presence in urine suggests the possibility of a UTI.

  • Blood: This may stem from infection, kidney issues, medications, or intense exercise.

The parameters checked by these tests include urine color and appearance, pH, specific gravity, and the presence of ketones, nitrite, protein, glucose, casts, urobilinogen, crystals, leucocyte esterase, epithelial cells, red blood cells, pus cells, and microscopic organisms in urine.

Book a Urine Routine Test online near you in Bangalore with Orange Health Labs

Orange Health Labs takes pride in its reputation as the fastest diagnostic lab available. In Bangalore, you can effortlessly schedule a urine test with Orange Health Labs, and we guarantee collection within just 60 minutes at your preferred location. Our procedure to book urine routine test near you is fairly simple:

  • Just visit our website  or use the Orange Health Test at Home app.

  • Enter your details in the user-friendly form, select a suitable time slot, and confirm your online urine test booking.

  • Our specialized eMedic will arrive within 60 minutes for sample collection, which will be carefully transported to our NABL & ICMR-certified lab.

  • You can expect to receive your reports on WhatsApp or mail within 6 hours.

  • Additionally, your reports are always accessible through the app.

Free Home Collection for Urine Routine Test in Bangalore

Now, with Orange Health Labs coming to Bangalore, you need not worry about health checkups in Bangalore or lab tests in Bangalore. Orange Health Labs brings the convenience of urine test near you, enabling you to take charge of your health from the comfort of your home. You can effortlessly schedule a urine test with us and leave the rest in the hands of our professionals. Also, you can ask for the details related to the urine routine test price or complete urine test price before making an appointment.

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