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    FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar) Test - Price, Normal Ranges, Report & Preparation

    Also known as  FBG | Fasting Glucose | Diabetes Test | Fasting Blood Glucose | Sugar Test
    The Fasting Blood Sugar Test is a blood test that measures the blood sugar level in the body after at least 8 hours of fasting without food or water. The normal levels of fasting blood glucose in adult men and women are 70-110 mg/dl.
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    10-12 hours fasting required
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    FBS Test Details

    Test NameFBS Test
    Normal RangeFBS normal range in adult men and women is 70 - 110 mg/dl.
    Full FormFasting Blood Sugar Test.

    FBS Test Price Details

    CityFBS test Price
    Bangalore₹ 70
    Mumbai₹ 90
    Hyderabad₹ 99
    Noida₹ 100
    Gurgaon₹ 100
    Delhi₹ 100
    Faridabad₹ 100

    What is Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) Test?

    The Fasting Blood Sugar Test is a blood test that measures the blood sugar level in the body after at least 8 hours of fasting without food or water. The normal levels of fasting blood glucose in adult men and women are 70-110 mg/dl.

    Importance of Blood Sugar

    Sugars are a source of energy for all the body’s functions. They are absorbed from the food we eat through our gut. These sugars are transported from the gut through the blood to all the cells. In the presence of insulin, sugars are absorbed by the cells from the blood. Blood sugar means the amount of sugar in the blood. Fasting blood sugar levels are normally lower than the blood sugar levels tested at a random time.

    Causes & Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

    The causes or rather risk factors of high blood sugar can be one or more of these:

    • Family history of diabetes
    • Being overweight or obesity
    • Sedentary lifestyle
    • Unhealthy eating habits like excess of fast food, sugary drinks, sweets, oily and fried foods
    • Elderly pregnancies

    One might experience one or more of the following symptoms:

    • Excessive hunger and thirst
    • Excessive urination
    • Sweet smelling breath
    • Non-healing ulcers and wounds
    • Frequent infections like tooth infection, urinary tract infection, abscess, furuncles

    What is Blood Sugar Fasting?

    During fasting, the body mobilizes sugar stores in the body to provide energy to the cells and maintain a constant level of glucose in the blood. In the morning, when you do a fasting blood sugar test, your sugar would be at its lowest. Blood sugar fasting levels are usually lower than the levels after meals. This is because the sugars in the food start getting absorbed into the blood soon after a meal, leading to higher blood sugar levels after a meal.

    Meaning of Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) Test

    FBS test full form is fasting blood sugar test. This test is done after at least 8 hours of fasting without food or water. Eat a light and nutritious meal the evening before. Refrain from drinking water at night. Have a restful sleep. Next day morning before your tea or breakfast blood sample is collected with at least 8 hours of no food or water.

    Reason/when to take the Glucose Fasting Test

    Some of the most common reasons for which FBS blood test is recommended:

    • Prior to any surgical procedure
    • As a part of routine health check-up for work, study, or insurance
    • If you are high risk at developing diabetes like overweight, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits
    • If you have a family history of diabetes mellitus
    • If you are being treated for diabetes mellitus to monitor blood glucose levels.

    Parameters tested in a Glucose Fasting Test

    Glucose levels in the blood are tested after 8 hours of fasting. This is often accompanied with post meal blood sugar level testing to gauge the body’s response to sugars better.

    The normal levels of fasting blood glucose in adult men and women are 70-110 mg/dl.

    Understanding the sugar test report

    Interpretation of laboratory tests must be done by qualified medical personnel only. However, you can make sense of your FBS report with a few simple guidelines.

    Higher levels of sugars (>120mg/dl) in the blood suggest hyperglycaemia. This could either be diagnostic of diabetes mellitus or poor control of blood sugar with any existing medication you might be taking. Lower levels (<80mg/dl) of blood sugars than normal suggest that maybe diabetes medication doses need to be reduced or there is excess insulin production.

    Conditions/disease detected with glucose fasting test

    A fasting blood sugar test can detect several conditions like:

    • Type 1 diabetes mellitus
    • Type 2 diabetes mellitus
    • Insulinomas
    • Gestational diabetes

    Preparations for blood sugar test

    Fasting is required for a fasting blood sugar test. Do not eat or drink anything other than water for 8–12 hours before the test.

    Risks and limitations

    These blood tests are very common and don’t carry any significant risks. You may have a slight pain like an ant bite when the needle gets inserted, and a small bruise may develop there.

    Limitations of the FBS test:

    In general, patients with diabetes who go for the FBS test can rely on the accuracy of the measurement results. However, in certain cases, there are some factors that can cause some issues in the measurement of blood glucose. These factors include application errors, environmental conditions, medication interferences, extreme hematocrit values, etc. These factors can actually impact the readings and might falsify their accuracy. Due to incorrect blood readings, several other issues might crop up, such as incorrect dosing. Hence, it is extremely important for the patients as well as the physicians to be aware of the limitations of this test and have it performed by trustworthy diagnostic companies like Orange Health Labs.

    Booking at home FBS test with Orange Health Labs across cities

    Keeping a check on your blood sugar or monitoring diabetes has never been easier. Now you can book a FBS test with Orange Health through our app or online. We offer services in almost all major cities across India. Just log into your account on our website and fill in your address. Our trained and vaccinated eMedics (phlebotomist) will collect the sample from your home/ office within one hour of booking. The results of your FBS lab test can be sent to you via WhatsApp or by email.

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