Diagnostic Lab Tests in Hyderabad- Blood test at home

With Orange Health Labs, book a blood test at home & get the fastest free blood sample collection from home in Hyderabad
Enjoy the comfort of a high-quality diagnostic lab from the comfort of your home.

Our lab is located in Ammerpet, Hyderabad

We provide free home collection covering most parts of Hyderabad.
Our eMedics are well trained medical professional, following hygienic protocols, and using sealed packs for your blood sample collection.

  1. Why choose Orange Health Labs for lab tests in Hyderabad?

Orange Health Labs is the Fastest Diagnostic Lab. With us, you can get your Blood tests, RT PCR, and Health Checkups are done at home, office or any place of your choice in 60 minutes! Our eMedics are highly trained, professional, and vaccinated. They follow all safety and hygiene protocols and carry pre-sealed sample collection kits. Your sample is then carefully transferred to our NABL accredited and ICMR approved lab in a secure cold storage medium. Your reports will be dispatched much faster:

  • Blood - 6 hours 
  • Covid - 9 hours 

Your reports will be sent to you on your WhatsApp number. They are also always available on the app! We are trusted by over a million customers in Bengaluru. 

Experience the most hassle-free testing with Orange Health Labs!


  1. How to book a lab test online with Orange Health Labs in Hyderabad?

Booking a test with Orange Health Labs in Hyderabad is extremely easy. Just fill out your details on our easy-to-use order form and choose the time slot that works for you. Our eMedic will reach the specified time and location to collect the sample.


  1. How can I book a lab test with a home-collection facility in Hyderabad? 

With Orange Health Labs, you can book a test (RT PCR, Blood, or , Health Checkups ) and have the sample collected from your home, office, or any place of your convenience. The sample is collected within 60 minutes of placing the order.    


  1. In how long will my reports be available in Hyderabad and how will I receive them? 

You will receive your reports much faster:

  • Blood - 6 hours 
  • Covid - 9 hours 

Your reports will be sent to you on your WhatsApp number. They are also always available on the app! 


  1. What are some of the top tests available at Orange Health Labs?  

Orange Health Labs offers 2000+ tests (Covid, Blood, and Health Checkups). Some of the most commonly availed tests are: 

  1. About Orange Health Labs for Lab Tests at Home in hyderabad   

Being the fastest diagnostic lab in the country, the Orange Health Labs team has a legacy of providing excellence in all aspects of healthcare

blood tests at home . Carrying the same ethos of quality healthcare forward, at Orange Health Labs, we ensure that we deliver the topmost quality diagnostic tests and results. Orange Health Labs has curved a niche for itself in the diagnostic package, lab test package and blood test package segment.  


Orange Health Labs – which is available in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Hyderabad is the fastest diagnostic lab in the country. Here you can book a home test with free sample collection in 60 minutes and you are guaranteed to get same day reports in 6 hours. This not only makes it convenient for you but also the most accurate there is. Hence the best place for a

full body checkup near me is Orange Health Labs.