Corporate Health Partnerships

You have the opportunity to improve your employees’ health and wellbeing with Orange Health - a diagnostic brand that's loved by consumers and doctors!

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You can sign up for your employees, customers, or partners

Leveraging the Orange Health Advantage

Employee Testing

You can provide seamless diagnostic testing to your employees with Orange Health, the only company that seamlessly tests your employees at home or your location.

Employee Benefits

Provide health benefits that your employees and their families can avail instantly. Employees love their employers more when they get benefits from brands that they love!

Off-site & Conferences

Create a safe environment with a bio-bubble at your next event by seamlessly performing large-scale testing for event attendees. We have done this for multiple events like corporate conferences, weddings, and more

With Orange Health, you can offer:

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Some of the corporate brands that trust us for their diagnostics

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What our clients say about us

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Sample collection is neat and quick. Prompt invoicing and report sharing. Corporate accounts are well managed

Jennifer Kiran
Matrix Partners


Amazing experience with the team. Always there to help!

They have been very prompt in all their services. Even when they were full with the highest number of tests, they tried their best to arrange for sample collection.

Poonam Dugar

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