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    Essential STD Checkup in Mumbai

    Tests for 4 Parameters
    The STD test package includes crucial screenings for sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne diseases. It covers tests like HBAg (ECLIA) for active hepatitis B, (VDRL) RPR QUALITATIVE for syphilis antibodies, Hepatitis C Virus antibodies (Anti-HCV) - Total for hepatitis C, and HIV 182 (ECLIA) for HIV. These tests are vital for early diagnosis and timely intervention, reducing the risk of severe health issues like liver disease, syphilis complications, and HIV/AIDS
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    Available everyday from 6:30 AM to 10 PM
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    Preparation required
    No Fasting Required
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    6 AM - 10 PM

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    Tests Included

    4 tests4 parameters

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    STD Basic Panel Details

    Package NameSTD Basic Test Panel
    PriceThe basic STD test price in Mumbai is Rs 999
    Tests Included

    4 tests & 4 parameters

    PurposeTo find out if someone has been infected with an STD
    Pre-test InformationNo special preparation is required. Fasting is not required.
    Report DeliveryGet reports within 7 hours
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
    Home TestingYes; Free home blood sample collection in 60 mins from booking
    Sample RequiredA blood sample is required for a basic STD test

    A Deep Dive Into Common Sexually Transmitted Infections and Their Consequences 

    Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that are transmitted between individuals through sexual activity, encompassing anal, vaginal, or oral sex. They are caused by bacteria, parasites, or viruses. There are over 30 distinct bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can be spread through sexual contact. Additionally, some STIs can also be passed from a mother to her child during pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding. STIs have far-reaching consequences on an individual's well-being. In the absence of appropriate treatment, these infections can result in grave outcomes, such as neurological and cardiovascular problems, issues during pregnancy, stillbirth, infertility, and an increased susceptibility to contracting the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

    Therefore, it is of utmost importance for individuals to undergo testing for these infections. To facilitate this, Orange Health Labs is here to assist you with an STD panel basic test. We offer the convenience of at-home sample collection, regardless of your location in Mumbai, ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality.

    The Significance of Basic STD Checkup in Mumbai 

    Numerous STDs don't show any symptoms, so the only way to be sure whether you have an STD is by getting tested. If left untreated, certain STDs can lead to serious problems. For instance, chlamydia and gonorrhoea, if not treated, can make it hard or even impossible for a woman to have children later on. Having an untreated STD also increases the risk of HIV, which can be deadly if not treated.

    Exploring Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) 

    Below, you'll find an overview of some common STDs:

    • HIV is often asymptomatic and can lead to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). It may lead to other severe diseases and even cancer if left untreated.  

    • Chlamydia often shows no symptoms but can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility in women.  

    • Human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause genital warts and even increase the risk of cervical cancer.  

    • Syphilis starts with painless sores but can progress to heart and nervous system issues.  

    • Gonorrhoea causes discharge, painful urination, and can even lead to serious complications like infertility. 

    • Genital herpes results in painful sores and tingling sensation.  

    Causes & Common Symptoms of STDs 

    STDs can be the result of bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection that is transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact (e.g., anal, vaginal, or oral sex). Importantly, not all STDs produce noticeable symptoms; some may only cause mild or even no symptoms at all. This means that you could be infected without realising it, and even in the absence of symptoms, STDs can pose health risks and be transmitted during sexual activity. 

    Symptoms, when present, may include: 

    • Blisters or sores in or around the mouth 

    • An abnormal vaginal odour 

    • The development of warts or sores in the genital region 

    • Redness and itching in the genital area 

    • Genital discharge from the penis or vagina, which is not usual 

    • Anal itching, bleeding, or soreness 

    • Pain in the abdomen 

    • Fever 

    • Frequent or painful urination 

    STD Testing: Essential for Early Detection, Management, and Prevention

    If you are sexually active, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider to assess your risk for STDs and the necessity for testing. This is essential as many STDs may not present with any symptoms. Antibiotics are effective in treating STDs caused by bacteria or parasites, while there is no cure for viral STDs. However, medications are available to manage symptoms and reduce the risk of transmission. The proper use of latex condoms significantly lowers the risk of contracting or transmitting STDs, although it does not entirely eliminate it. The most dependable method to prevent an STD is to abstain from engaging in anal, vaginal, or oral sex. Additionally, vaccines are available to protect against HPV and hepatitis B. When you're considering your sexual health and overall well-being, comprehensive screenings and full body checkups in Mumbai can provide a holistic assessment of your health. 

    Essential STD Test Package Overview 

    At Orange Health Labs, the essential STD package, also called the basic STD test, includes the following 4 tests including 4 parameters: 

    Tests Included in the Basic STD Checkup Package

    The following is a description of the tests included in the basic STD test in Mumbai: 

    • The HBsAg and Anti-HCV tests are used to identify hepatitis B and C infections.

    • The HIV 1 and 2 tests are employed to determine the presence of HIV.

    • The VDRL test serves as a screening method for syphilis. 

    This basic STD test includes these crucial assessments to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your sexual health.

    Essential STD Test Package Cost in Mumbai

    The price of the basic STD panel package in Mumbai is Rs 999 only. This package includes 4 tests and 4 parameters. Our tests are conducted by experienced professionals, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

    STD Test Package in Mumbai Offers the Convenience of At-Home Testing and Protects Your Privacy

    We at Orange Health Labs ensure your privacy. Our at-home sample collection has dual benefits: the convenience of taking the tests in the comfort of your home environment and maintaining your anonymity, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

    The Benefits of Essential STD Test Package in Mumbai 

    STD testing provides significant benefits, as it helps detect infections even when symptoms are absent. This early detection is crucial in preventing severe consequences and reducing the risk of onward transmission. Moreover, routine screening can facilitate open discussions about sexual health, sexual orientation, and STIs between healthcare providers and patients, contributing to the reduction of stigma in this context. When considering such essential screenings, our services for lab tests in Mumbai offer a reliable and accessible option to prioritize your sexual health.

    Who Can Benefit From the STD Test Package in Mumbai 

    STD testing is typically recommended for the following groups: 


    • Sexually active women above 21 years of age 

    • Pregnant women  

    • Men who have sex with men 

    • Individuals who inject drugs and exchange needles 

    • Individuals with HIV  

    • Individuals engaged in unprotected sex and who are not in monogamous relationships 

    Why Choose Orange Health for a Basic STD Panel Test

    Orange Health Labs assures efficient sample collection and swift result delivery, conducted at our ICMR-approved and NABL-accredited laboratory, ensuring a seamless medical testing experience. This package requires only a blood sample and no specific precautions are required. To book the STD basic panel with us, follow these steps:

    • Visit our website at Orange Health Labs by searching for "basic STD test near me" or use our user-friendly app. 

    • Fill in your details, select the test type, provide any necessary references, and choose a convenient time slot. 

    • A well-trained and vaccinated eMedic from our expert team will reach out to you within 60 minutes of booking or at your preferred time for sample collection. 

    • The eMedic will draw blood from a vein in your arm by sterilising the area and gently inserting a needle in the vein. Once the needle is in place, a small quantity of blood will be collected into a test tube or vial.

    • Your samples will be analysed, and the reports will be shared with you via WhatsApp and email. 

    • For an STI test package, results are typically available within 7 hours. 

    • Access your results conveniently online through WhatsApp, email, or our app.  


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What is an STD, and what are its common symptoms? 

    STIs are infections that can be transmitted through sexual contact. Most STIs do not exhibit symptoms, but when they do, common signs may include vaginal or urethral discharge, lower abdominal pain and genital ulcers.

    2. What does the basic STD test include at Orange Health? 

    The basic STI test package at Orange Health Labs includes four key tests for sexually transmitted infections: VDRL, HIV 1 & 2 Antibody (Qualitative), Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg)-Qualitative, and Anti HCV-Total. 

    3. Are there any age restrictions for basic STD panel tests? 

    Sexually transmitted diseases can affect anyone who is sexually active. To assess your risk and determine if you need STD testing, it's advisable to have a discussion with your doctor. They can also provide guidance based on your age regarding the necessity of tests.

    4. How soon will I receive my basic STI test results? 

    With Orange Health Labs, you will receive your basic STI test in Mumbai test results in just 7 hours via WhatsApp or email.

    5. What is the basic STD screening cost in Mumbai? 

    The price of the basic STI package with Orange Health Labs in Mumbai is 999.

    Orange Health Labs provides the fastest Essential STD Test services across Mumbai
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