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    Vegetarian Food Allergy Package in Noida

    Tests for 98 Parameters
    Do end up with rashes, hives or a tingling sensation in your mouth post a meal? You could be allergic to certain vegetarian foods. Get yourself tested for 98 food allergens.
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    Available everyday from 6:30 AM to 10 PM
    Sample(s) required
    Preparation required
    No Fasting Required
    in house labs

    In-house labs

    NABL certified

    in house labs

    60 mins collection

    6 AM - 10 PM

    in house labs

    Reports in

    6 hours

    Allergens Tested

    10 categories98 allergens

    Vegetarian Food Allergy Test Package Noida Details

    Package NameVeg Food Allergy Test Package
    PriceThe veg allergy test price is ₹ 3499
    Allergens Tests

    10 categories & 98 allergens


    To identify & assess potential allergic reactions to various vegetarian food items

    Pre-test InformationFasting is not required for the veg food allergy test package
    Report DeliveryGet Reports within 5 days
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
    Home TestingYes; free home blood sample collection in 60 minutes from booking
    Sample RequiredA blood sample is required for a vegetable allergy test

    Exploring Allergies in a Vegetarian Diet

    Food allergies are an overreaction of your body to the proteins in certain food items. When your body unintentionally mounts an immune response against specific foods, it can lead to food allergies. A vegetarian diet consists solely of plant-based foods; it does not include any animal products or meat except dairy. Similar to animal-based diets, a lot of plant- and dairy-based foods can cause allergies. In actuality, more than half of the nine dietary items—milk, eggs, shellfish, fin fish, peanuts, soy, wheat, and sesame—that cause the majority of food allergies are vegetarian.

    Veg food allergy test price in Noida

    The veg food allergy test price is ₹ 3499. This veg allergy test cost includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 minutes of booking, and the reports are available in 5 days. There are no additional charges for home sample collection—it's completely free. So book a veg food allergy test near me now!

    Understanding Allergic Responses in Vegetarians 

    Symptoms of a food allergy typically appear two hours after eating and can vary from mild to severe symptoms. In the event of an allergic response, you might have 

    • Swelling around the mouth or eyes. 

    • Diarrhoea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. 

    • Disorientation or unconsciousness. 

    • Tongue swelling, throat, and mouth itching. 

    • Raspy voice and coughing. 

    • Skin rash or hives. 

    • Anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening complication causing breathing difficulties, wheezing, or trouble swallowing. 

    Families often have more than one member with food sensitivities. You may be more susceptible to developing a food allergy if you suffer from other allergic disorders like hay fever or eczema. Additionally, if you have asthma, you are more likely to develop food allergies. 

    Food items in a vegetarian diet such as milk, soy, nuts, spices, fruits and vegetables can also frequently cause allergies. So, even if vegetarians abstain from the majority of animal-based foods, they could still be vulnerable to allergies to dairy and plant-based foods.

    Is vegetarian food allergy testing in Noida right for you? 

    This food allergy test is for you if you are a vegetarian and have a family history of food allergies. Also, if you are experiencing unusual symptoms after consuming vegetarian food items but are unsure of what’s causing it, a vegetarian food allergy test can validate suspected allergens in your vegetarian diet. Timely and precise testing can help pinpoint specific allergies, offer dietary recommendations, and enhance health results.

    Introducing our in depth veg allergy test package 

    The veg food allergy test package available in Noida provided by Orange Health Labs covers an extensive range of food items that can be common sources of allergy in a vegetarian diet. This comprehensive package assesses allergy to 98 potential vegetarian food items, divided into 10 categories. The 10 categories of vegetarian food items are as follows: 

    • Fruits 

    • Beverages 

    • Cereals 

    • Oil seeds 

    • Vegetables 

    • Dairy 

    • Dry fruits 

    • Spices 

    • Dal/pulses 

    • Others

    Veg food allergy testing in Noida: Who should consider it?

    If you follow a vegetarian, vegan or eggetarian diet, then the veg food allergy test is for you. The veg allergy test helps to identify the food items within the vegetarian diet that can trigger allergies in an individual. A Vegetarian food allergy test serves as a valuable tool for individuals adhering to vegetarian diets, enabling them to proactively identify and avoid any potential allergic reactions in the future, thus enhancing their overall well-being. Vegetarians and vegans with unexpected symptoms and suspected allergies can confirm their food allergies by getting a vegetarian food allergy test done. Prompt and accurate testing can help identify particular allergies, provide dietary guidance, and improve health outcomes.  

    The benefits of early detection: Effectively managing vegetarian food allergies 

    When your body unintentionally causes an immune reaction in response to particular meals, food allergies are triggered. The symptoms of these may range from mild to severe and in extreme circumstances, you could have an anaphylactic reaction that could be fatal. The easiest strategy to manage an allergy is to get yourself tested for the allergen and then stay away from the specific foods to which you are allergic. Early detection helps to manage the allergy at the right time and to avoid any future havoc. Also, when one is aware of their allergies, they can modify their diet to include safer options that nevertheless provide similar health advantages, ensuring that their body receives the essential nutrients. Moreover, when a person is informed of their possible food allergies, they can eat with confidence and not worry about having an allergic reaction afterwards.

    Recommended age for veg food allergy testing near me 

    There is no specific age requirement for undergoing a vegetarian food allergy test. Adults and children both can undergo this vegetable allergy test. It is advisable to consider this test for your safety, especially if you have encountered allergic reactions after consuming certain food items. 

    Risk Assessment: evaluating the safety and accuracy of vegetarian allergy testing in Noida

    There is no risk involved in veg food allergy testing.  However, blood testing for veg food allergies can occasionally produce false-positive findings, meaning that an allergy may be identified even when it isn't there. But blood tests are the most practical and easy substitute for people who cannot stand skin pricks.

    Book veg food allergy test near me in Noida

    Getting a health checkup or a blood test in Noida is convenient and also very simple. Listed below are some steps to book a full body checkup in Noida:

    • Log into our website at Orange Health Labs or use our App.

    • Simply fill in your details in our user-friendly order form, choose a suitable time slot, and book a veg food allergy test at home.

    • Our skilled eMedic, dedicated to this task, will reach you within 60 minutes to collect the sample at a location suitable to you.

    • The collected  blood sample will be carefully examined at our NABL accredited and ICMR approved labs.

    • You will receive your reports via email or WhatsApp within 4 days, which will also be available on our App.

    Book a vegetarian food allergy test near me at your convenience with Orange Health Labs for a hassle-free service!

    Free home collection for a vegetarian food allergy test near me

    Whether you are in Gaurcity, Baraula, or Indirapuram, a free home sample collection of 

    Veg food allergy test Noida with Orange Health Labs is available within 60 minutes. This means you only have to pay the vegetarian food allergy testing cost.

    We have divided the city into multiple different zones to make it fast, easy, and convenient for you to get a veg food allergy panel at home in Noida from anywhere. This way, we can ensure that the least amount of time is spent commuting to collect your blood sample. Additionally, this ensures that the collected sample rapidly reaches the center for analysis without any delays.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Vegetarian Food Allergy Test Package in Noida

    How much does a veg allergy test cost in Noida?

    The veg allergy test price is ₹ 3499 in Noida. This veg allergy test cost includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 mins of booking. 

    What is the testing process for the vegetarian food allergy test in Noida like?

    Once you book a veg allergy test with us, in less than an hour, our expert will reach for a blood test at your home. This test will require a blood sample. The eMedic will sanitize the area of the arm that will receive the needle using a piece of cotton. After the needle has been inserted, a suitable sample is obtained, and the injection site is bandaged. Once your sample is taken, it will be promptly sent to an ICMR and NABH-certified lab for analysis.

    Do I need to prepare for the veg food allergy test near me?

    As such, no preparation or fasting is required before the test. However, the use of antihistamines, steroids and cortisone creams should be avoided 48 hours before a vegetable allergy panel test as these can affect the accuracy of results. 

    What happens if my vegetable allergy test results show allergies?

    The easiest strategy to manage an allergy is to consult your doctor for further management and stay away from the specific foods to which you are allergic. 

    Read More: Know the difference between Intolerance and Allergy

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