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    What Is a Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test?

    A Thyroid Blood test is a diagnostic tool used to evaluate the functionality of your thyroid gland. This gland is responsible for producing hormones that play a crucial role in regulating various bodily functions, including metabolism, breathing, digestion, heart rate, and emotional well-being. If you're experiencing symptoms such as irritability, lethargy, fatigue, restlessness, or unexplained weight changes, your doctor may recommend a Thyroid test to assess your thyroid hormone levels.

    The Thyroid Blood test typically includes measurements of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), triiodothyronine (T3), and tetraiodothyronine (T4). These tests help in diagnosing thyroid disorders such as hyperthyroidism (excessive thyroid hormone production) and hypothyroidism (insufficient thyroid hormone production).

    Our comprehensive Thyroid Function tests (TFTs) allow for the simultaneous assessment of all three thyroid hormones (TSH, T3, and T4) in a single test. This eliminates the need for multiple appointments, providing a convenient and efficient way to evaluate thyroid function.

    In the busy lifestyle of Noida where stress can be a predictor of thyroid diseases, it is essential to undergo routine testing for TFTs to ensure better metabolic health.

    Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test Parameters

    Thyroid Function Tests (TFTs) evaluate specific hormones in your blood to determine the health of your thyroid gland. Hormone imbalances identified through this test can indicate the presence of thyroid disorders. The TFTs examine the following key parameters:

    T3 (Triiodothyronine)

    T3, derived from T4 and made in the liver, is a vital thyroid hormone. Testing T3 levels is particularly useful if hyperthyroidism is suspected but T4 levels appear normal. Elevated T3 levels, even with normal T4, can confirm hyperthyroidism.

    T4 (Thyroxine)

    T4 is the main thyroid hormone circulating in the bloodstream. A Total T4 test measures both bound (attached to proteins) and free (unbound) hormones. Bound T4 serves as a reserve, while free T4 is readily available for use by body tissues. Changes in T4 levels help diagnose thyroid function abnormalities.

    TSH (Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone)

    The primary indicator of thyroid function, TSH is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. It regulates the production of thyroid hormones T3 and T4 by signalling the thyroid gland. Variations in TSH levels can serve as an early alert for thyroid issues, often before thyroid hormone levels show significant changes.

    Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test Preparation

    Before undergoing TFTs, it is essential to understand these aspects:

    Prerequisites: There is no requirement to fast for our Thyroid test.

    Best Time to Get Tested: It is recommended to provide a morning sample for the Thyroid test. Ensure consistency by scheduling the test at the same time each time you take it.

    Who Should Do the Thyroid Test: Thyroid testing is suitable for individuals of all ages. Consider a Thyroid test if you have symptoms indicative of thyroid problems, are pregnant, are undergoing fertility evaluations, have a family history of thyroid conditions, or are on thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

    Cautions Before Taking Thyroid Test: Several factors can influence Thyroid test results:

    • Timing between your last thyroid medication dose and the blood draw (especially for medications containing T3).

    • Stress, diet, and sleep patterns.

    • Certain medications and supplements you are taking.

    Discuss these factors with your doctor before undergoing a Thyroid test to ensure accurate results.

    Why Take a Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test?

    The thyroid plays a crucial role in regulating your metabolism, which is converting food into energy required for the functioning of every cell in your body. When your thyroid is not working properly, it can disrupt your metabolism, leading to various health issues. An imbalance of thyroid hormones can result in a range of symptoms, making it essential to identify whether these symptoms are linked to thyroid problems or another cause.

    Hyperthyroidism Symptoms:

    • Excessive sweating or feeling too warm

    • Unexplained weight loss

    • Nervousness or anxiety

    • Rapid or irregular heartbeat

    • Increased frequency of bowel movements

    Hypothyroidism Symptoms:

    • Increased sensitivity to cold

    • Unexplained weight gain

    • Muscle aches and stiffness

    • Persistent fatigue

    • General weakness

    • Slowed heart rate

    • Constipation

    Additional Indicators for a Thyroid Test:

    • If you are undergoing hormonal therapy for thyroid diseases.

    • If you are pregnant or planning to be.

    • If you are a woman being evaluated for infertility.

    • If there is a family history of thyroid disorders.

    If you experience any of the above symptoms or fall into one of these categories, Thyroid Function tests (TFTs) are recommended for you. Testing helps diagnose thyroid issues and enables timely intervention. Regular testing is also important for those undergoing treatment to monitor the effectiveness of their therapy and make necessary adjustments.

    Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test Results & Interpretation

    Range for TSH Test Results

    Here are the typical ranges for healthy individuals who are not pregnant:

    • 0.400 to 4.049 µIU/mL

    For pregnant individuals, the TSH range is as follows:

    TrimesterTSH (µIU/mL)
    First0.100 to 2.50
    Second0.200 to 3.00
    Third0.300 to 3.00

    Understanding TSH Result Factors

    High Levels : A high TSH level suggests that the thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormone, known as primary hypothyroidism.

    Low Levels : A low TSH level typically indicates an overproduction of thyroid hormone, known as hyperthyroidism.

    Factors Influencing TSH Results

    • Time of Meal and Circadian Rhythm: Few studies have shown that TSH levels can fluctuate depending on food intake and the time of day, with notable variations observed throughout the day and in response to eating.

    • Other Factors: It is important to recognize that TSH is a labile hormone and is subject to non-thyroidal pituitary influences (glucocorticoids, somatostatin, dopamine, etc.), stress, activity, that can disrupt the TSH/free T4 relationship, genetics, poisonous substances and radiation exposure, inflammation of the thyroid gland, deficiency or excess of iodine in the diet, pregnancy, certain medications – antidepressants, cholesterol lowering drugs, chemotherapy drugs, steroids, thyroid cancer.

    Range for T4 and T3 Test Results

    The normal T4 and T3 levels in non-pregnant individuals are given below:

    • Total T4: 5.53-11.0 μg/dL

    • Free T4: 0.78-2.1 ng/dL

    • Total T3: 0.97-1.69 ng/dL

    • Free T3: 2.77-5.27 pg/mL

    For pregnant individuals, the T4 and T3 range is as follows:

    TrimesterT4 (μg/dL)T3 (ng/mL)
    First7.57 - 8.131.21 to 1.32
    Second7.17 - 8.641.13 to 1.64
    Third7.07 - 8.441.16 to 1.51

    Low Levels : Low levels of T4 and T3 hormones suggest hypothyroidism. This can be caused by Hashimoto's disease, iodine deficiency, inflammation of the thyroid gland, or congenital factors.

    High Levels : Elevated levels of T4 and T3 indicate hyperthyroidism. This could be due to factors such as excess iodine in the diet, thyroid gland inflammation, Graves’ disease, or thyroid nodules.

    If any of your test parameters show abnormalities, it's recommended to consult with your doctor for better guidance and understanding of your condition.

    FAQs on Thyroid Function Test (TFT) Test

    The Thyroid test costs ₹ 359. Moreover, Orange Health Labs provides free home sample collection and quick delivery of results of TFT test in Noida.

    Yes, home sample collection is available for TFTs in Noida. Orange Health Labs also ensures convenient sample collection at your doorstep within 60 minutes of booking, subject to slot availability.

    Thyroid tests, also known as TFTs, aim to assess thyroid health, monitor ongoing thyroid illnesses, and diagnose thyroid-related disorders such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

    No, the Thyroid test does not require fasting.

    To book a TFT test at home with us, follow these steps:

    • Search and Select: Locate the specific test you need, such as the Thyroid test in Noida, on our website.

    • Review and Book: Choose the test, check the prerequisites, provide your address, and confirm your booking by selecting a convenient time slot for sample collection.

    • Sample Collection: Our professional and experienced eMedic will arrive at your selected location within the selected time slot to collect the sample.

    • Laboratory Testing: The collected sample will be analysed at our NABH/NABL-accredited and ICMR-approved labs.

    • Receive Results: Your reports will be delivered via email or WhatsApp within 6, and will also be available on our app.

    The normal levels of hormones assessed in the TFTs are mentioned below:

    • TSH: 0.400 to 4.049 µIU/mL

    • Total T4: 5.53 to 11.0 μg/dL

    • Free T4: 0.78 to 2.1 ng/dL

    • Total T3: 0.97 to 1.69 ng/dL

    • Free T3: 2.77 to 5.27 pg/mL

    An eMedic will arrive at your doorstep for sample collection for Thyroid test at home in Noida within 60 minutes of booking, subject to slot availability. The sample collection process takes just a few minutes. Orange Health Labs ensures rapid result delivery within 6 of collecting the sample.

    The frequency of Thyroid testing is tailored to individual needs. Follow the doctor’s recommendation to establish the optimal testing schedule for your situation.

    The parameters like T3, T4, and TSH are included in the Thyroid test.

    TFTs do not require fasting

    The 3 Thyroid tests are T3 and T4 total and TSH.

    Normal TSH levels lie between 0.400 and 4.049 µIU/mL. However, they may differ as per age and other factors such as pregnancy.

    A TSH test focuses solely on measuring the levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone. In contrast, a Thyroid Profile test offers a broader assessment by measuring TSH, T3, and T4 levels to provide a comprehensive evaluation of thyroid function.

    Yes, TSH levels can fluctuate even in the absence of thyroid dysfunction. Temporary reductions in TSH may occur due to serious non-thyroidal illnesses. Additionally, TSH levels might be elevated in individuals over 80 years without any thyroid issues.

    Primary blood tests for assessing thyroid function include measuring TSH, T4, or T3 levels.

    Thyroid test is available in Sector 1, Sector 15, Sector 18, Sector 26, Sector 37, Sector 50, Sector 62, Sector 76, Sector 93, Sector 100, Sector 104, Sector 110, Sector 120, Sector 128, Sector 137, Sector 150, Sector 168, Sector 71, Sector 63, Sector 22, Sector 41, Sector 108, Sector 47, Sector 121, Sector 45.

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