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    Cancer Screening - Male Checkup in Mumbai

    Tests for 29 Parameters
    Cancer markers also known as tumor markers are proteins produced by normal and cancer cells, with higher levels found in cancer cells. The Cancer Screening Profile for males includes tests to measure these markers in the bloodstream. This comprehensive screening tool detects cancers in organs like the liver, pancreas, lungs, prostate gland, testes and intestine. The package consists tests assessing proteins like Alpha-Fetoprotein, Cancer Antigen 19.9, Prostate-Specific Antigen.
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    Cancer Screening Package Mumbai for Men Details

    Package NameCancer Screening Package for Men
    PriceThe cancer screening test price is ₹ 3499 for men
    Tests Included5 Tests, 29 Parameters
    PurposeTo detect & identify cancer or precancerous areas at an early stage in men
    Report DeliveryGet reports within 4 days
    Pre-test InformationNo special preparation is required. Fasting is not required.
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
    Home TestingYes; Free home blood sample collection in 60 mins from booking
    Sample RequiredA blood sample is required for a cancer test in Mumbai for men

    Vital cancer screening insights

    Cancers emerge from uncontrolled abnormal cell growth and are of several distinct types, affecting individuals of both sexes and all age groups. Certain cancers such as prostate, colorectal, pancreatic, and liver cancers are more prevalent among men who are over 40 years old. Common factors that are associated with the occurrence of cancers include tobacco chewing or smoking, alcohol, some bacteria and fungi, salted fish, wood dust, herbs, hormones, sunlight, and pharmaceuticals. 

    The American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund have identified a few more factors that may cause cancer. These include processed meats, red meat, beta carotene, less intake of fibre, being overweight, increased adult height, and inactive lifestyles. However, the cancer-causing potential varies from one individual to another, and it is not mandatory that these factors will cause cancer development in everyone. Yet, it is important to get a cancer panel blood test for men done regularly even if you feel healthy. 

    Mens cancer test price in Mumbai

    The full body cancer test price for men is ₹ 3499 in Mumbai. The cancer test cost in Mumbai for men includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 minutes of booking, and the reports are available in 4 days. There are no additional charges for home sample collection—it's completely free. So book a cancer screening near me for men now!

    Recognising symptoms of cancer in men

    It’s crucial to identify cancer in the early stages for proper management and reducing the associated mortality. However, in the early stages, cancer may not even have any signs or symptoms. Nonetheless, there are certain signs that can point towards cancer. Some of the common ones are: 

    • Sudden weight loss

    • Extreme tiredness 

    • Chronic low-grade fever 

    • Loss of appetite 

    • Vomiting and belly pain 

    • Indigestion or trouble swallowing 

    • Appearance of lumps or ulcers 

    • Bladder pain when passing urine 

    • Blood in the urine, or needing to pass urine more or less often 

    • Mouth changes such as bleeding, sores, pain, or numbness 

    • Continual coughing or hoarseness 

    • Unusual bleeding

    Symptoms will vary depending upon the type of cancer in men, and these are just the symptoms of some cancers that are common in men such as colorectal, lung, skin and prostate cancers. In case you are unsure of the symptoms, your doctor can guide you in assessing the same.

    The crucial role of cancer screening test in Mumbai for Men

    The goal of cancer screening test package is to identify changes and abnormalities linked to cancer cells or their precursor lesions before signs or symptoms appear so that the disease can be appropriately managed. This helps prevent major complications from occurring with cancer or the occurrence of cancer altogether.   

    The following are some benefits of cancer screening:  

    • A test for cancer may be able to discover changes in the body that may indicate a higher chance of developing the disease. This lowers the incidence of cancer and helps implement preventive measures. 

    • Screening techniques detect cancer early, before symptoms show, which can help commence treatment early on and improve the prognosis. 

    • Cancer may be found with screening tests before it spreads to other organs, which helps to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with it.  

    Prostate and lung cancer screenings ought to be done every year beginning at age 50. Regular screening is advised for colon and rectal cancer beginning at age 45. However, these tests are typically recommended for all males over 40 years of age in order to detect certain cancers or their risk factors early on. The ideal age may change depending on your family history and risk factors. The best person to advise you on this is your healthcare practitioner.   

    Emphasise that screening recommendations may vary based on risk factors and family history.

    The recommendations for cancer screening in men vary based type of cancer, the patient's age, and variables such as smoking, obesity, an unhealthy diet, and lifestyle choices all influence what kind of cancer screening is best. Additionally, you are more vulnerable if you have a positive family history of cancer. The screening guidelines change according to family history and risk factors. As already mentioned, your healthcare professional will determine if and how often you require a cancer screening examination based on your risk factors.

    Men’s Cancer screening Test Mumbai Package Overview

    The cancer profile blood test package for men from Orange Health Labs helps assess several cancers by identifying blood cancer markers. This screening process can help identify cancer cells in different organs like the liver, testes, lungs, prostate glands, intestines, and pancreas. This cancer screening package has 5 tests that evaluate 29 parameters to assist in detecting cancer or the risk of cancer in men and to provide an indication of the general health status that may be related to the malignancy.

    Diverse cancer screening test package in Mumbai for men

    Cancer panel blood test for men in Mumbai by Orange Health Labs is a comprehensive package for detecting different cancers and includes 5 tests with 29 parameters.


    Test Name



    Complete Blood Count Including ESR (25 Parameters)

    Basophil, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, Platelet Count, MPV, Lymphocytes, Absolute Neutrophils, Absolute Lymphocytes, ESR, Haemoglobin, Total Leucocyte Count, Neutrophil, Monocyte, Absolute Monocytes, Absolute Eosinophils, Absolute Basophils, NLR, RBC Count, Packed Cell Volume, MCV, MCH, PCT, Mentzer Index, Sehgal Index

    A comprehensive blood test in Mumbai assessing red and white blood cells, platelets, and various parameters. Abnormal levels may indicate certain types of cancer.

    Alpha Feto Protein (AFP) (1 Parameter)

    Alpha Feto Protein (AFP)

    AFP test serves as a tumor marker for detecting liver cancer.

    Prostate Specific Antigen Test (PSA) (1 Parameter)

    Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

    PSA Test in Mumbai is a tumor marker screening for prostate cancer.

    Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9 (CA 19.9) (1 Parameter)

    Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9 (CA 19.9)

    CA 19-9 Test in Mumbai is primarily used to check for cancer related to benign biliary diseases.

    Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) (1 Parameter)

    Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)

    CEA Test in Mumbai is employed as a tumor marker for various cancers, predominantly gastrointestinal tumors.

    Risk Assessment of the cancer profile test for men 

    The cancer screening tests for men involve no risk.

    Cancer Screening Test in Mumbai for Men: Who Should Consider It 

    Cancer can afflict men of all ages. However, certain groups of men are more susceptible and should consider getting cancer screenings routinely. These include 

    • Men over 40 years of age as they are at higher risk for pancreatic, liver, colorectal, and prostate cancers.  

    • Men who have risk factors for cancer, such as a diet high in meats and processed foods, obesity, alcoholism, smoking, and sedentary lifestyles, should think about getting examined for the disease on a regular basis.  

    • Men who have a family history of cancer should also get checked routinely.  

    Early detection is critical for survival since delayed detection increases treatment difficulty and increases the risk of cancer spreading. Early diagnosis ensures effective therapy.

    Book a cancer screening near me in Mumbai for men

    Getting a health checkup or a blood test in Mumbai is convenient and also very simple.

    Listed below are some steps to book a full body checkup in Mumbai:

    • Log into our website at Orange Health Labs or use our App.

    • Simply fill in your details in our user-friendly order form, choose a suitable time slot, and book an at home cancer test in Mumbai for men.

    • Our skilled eMedic, dedicated to this task, will reach you within 60 minutes to collect the sample at a location suitable to you.

    • The collected sample will be carefully examined at our NABL accredited and ICMR approved labs.

    • You will receive your reports via email or WhatsApp within 6 hours, which will also be available on our App.

    Free home collection for a cancer test near me for men


    We provide:

    • Accurate results as the labs under Orange Health are ICMR and NABL-certified  

    • Rapid services with sample collection within 60 minutes of order. 

    • Fast reports, within 5 days of sample collection

    • Ease and convenience of getting your tests done from your chosen location with only delivery of reports, so no need to step out of your comfort zone.


    So, if you are looking for cancer check up near me, your search ends here with the here.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for Male Cancer Screening Package in Mumbai

    What is the first indicator of cancer? 

    The factor or indicator may vary from individual to individual. The first indicator may be tiredness, the presence of a lump or sore, and sudden weight loss. But if you have any symptoms that are reoccurring continuously, consult your doctor and get proper guidance.  


    What type of cancer is common in men? 

     Lung, colorectal, prostate, stomach, and liver cancer are the most common types of cancer in men. 


    What are Cancer Screening Tests for Men? 

    The cancer screening test helps detect malignancies in the pancreas, liver, lungs, testes, prostate, gut, and other organs or their risk. The cancer screening tests for men by Orange Health Labs includes 5 tests assessing 29 parameters.


    At what age should men start considering cancer screening tests? 

    These tests are usually advised for men over 40 years of age. However, the right age may vary based on your risk factors and family history. Your healthcare provider can guide you best about this.  


    How often should men undergo cancer screening tests? 

    Recommended frequency of cancer detection will depend on age group, the type of cancer you are screening for and the presence of risk factors. In such cases, you should consult with your doctor frequency of screening based on your individual characteristics.  


    Do cancer screening tests for men have any side effects? 

    No. The cancer screening tests for men do not have any side effects.  


    What if a screening test indicates a potential issue? 

    If the results show any potential issues, consult your doctor, and discuss your reports. A single test cannot confirm cancer, the doctor will suggest a few more tests to conduct and confirm your condition.  


    How much does a cancer screening test cost in Mumbai? 

    The men's cancer screening cost is ₹ 3499. This cancer screening test for men cost includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 mins of booking.

    Where can I see or get the results of the test near me? 

    It is easy to book an appointment for the cancer screening with the Orange Health Labs. Once you give your sample to the expert, you will get your results within 4 days through your mail or WhatsApp.

    Orange Health Labs provides the fastest Cancer Screening - Male services across Mumbai
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