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    Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test in Gurgaon | Home Sample Collection in 60 min

    Also known as  Haemoglobin Test | Blood Test | Platelet Test | Complete blood examination | CBC
    Available everyday from 6:30 AM to 10 PM
    Sample(s) required
    Preparation required
    No Fasting Required
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    In-house labs

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    60 mins collection

    6 AM - 10 PM

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    Overview | Test Details | Purpose | CBC Test Price in Gurgaon | Parameters | Booking Procedure

    CBC Test Details 

    Test NameComplete Blood Count Test
    PriceThe CBC blood test price is ₹ 320
    Also Known AsComplete Blood Count Test is also known as the CBC test, full blood count test, and blood cell count test
    PurposeMeasuring red blood cells, white blood cells, haemoglobin, hematocrit and platelets
    Pre-test InformationFasting is not required for the CBC test
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
    Home TestingYes; Free home blood sample collection in 60 mins from booking
    Sample RequiredBlood sample is required for the CBC test

    CBC Test Overview

    A Complete Blood Count (CBC) test is a blood test that is used to examine overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anaemia, infection, and leukaemia. A Complete Blood Count test measures several components of your blood including Red blood cells, which help carry oxygen, White blood cells help fight infection, Haemoglobin which carries oxygen in the red blood cell hematocrit (PCV) measures the proportion of red blood cells to the fluid component, or plasma, in your blood platelets, which help with blood clotting your result shows an abnormal cell count, it may indicate that you have a medical condition that calls for further evaluation.

    CBC Test price in Gurgaon

    The CBC Test cost in Gurgaon is ₹ 310. This CBC Test price in Gurgaon includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 minutes of booking, and the reports are available in 6 hours. There are no additional charges for home sample collection—it's completely free.

    Reasons to take the CBC test

    It is recommended in the following cases: 

    • You may be advised to undergo the test, if you are pregnant, have a family history of anaemia, are suffering from an infection, or have blood loss after surgery. 

    • Or if you suffer from heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding, etc. 

    • This test is also performed to monitor the treatment responses in individuals receiving treatment for diseases or conditions that affect red blood cells.

    List of parameters considered during the CBC test

    The CBC test analyses the following parameters: 

    • Red blood cell (RBC) count: This counts the number of RBCs in a sample of blood. The movement of oxygen from the lungs to every region in your body depends on RBCs. 

    • Haemoglobin: The protein haemoglobin, which is found in RBCs, is measured. The primary function of haemoglobin is to carry oxygen to the body's cells. 

    • Haematocrit: This measures the RBC concentration in your blood. 

    • Blood indices: The following RBC indicators are used to assess the size, shape, and properties of your RBCs.

    • Mean corpuscular volume (MCV): This is a measurement of your RBCs' average size. 

    • Mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MCH): The average quantity of haemoglobin found in each RBC is measured by mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MCH). 

    • Mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration (MCHC): This is a ratio of your RBCs' size versus the amount of haemoglobin in the cell. 

    • Red cell distribution width (RDW): This gauges RBCs' volume and size fluctuations. 

    • White blood cell (WBC) count: WBCs protect the body from infections and other diseases. The CBC test can be used to assess how many WBCs are present in your blood. 

    • Differential leucocyte count: There are five primary categories of WBCs. The differential leukocyte count is used to determine how many of each type of WBCs are there. 

    • Platelets: The CBC also counts the number of platelets in the blood. Platelets are essential for halting bleeding and play a crucial role in the process of blood clotting.

    Book the CBC Test near you at home with Orange Health Labs in Gurgaon

    You can now book blood lab tests in Gurgaon or full body health checkups in Gurgaon online with Orange Health Labs. Follow the steps to book a CBC test home collection near you in Gurgaon

    • Just log into your account on our website and fill in your address.

    • Provide the necessary information as requested. It will include the date, day, and time suitable for the blood CBC test at home near you to be done. 

    • Our eMedic will come to your specified location at the appointed time, day, and date.  

    • A sample collection will be conducted at your home. 

    • Samples will be analyzed at our accredited laboratory, NABL and ICMR certified laband the results will be sent to you via the registered WhatsApp and email ID. 

    Free Sample Collection for CBC blood test near you in Gurgaon

    We have divided the city into multiple different zones to make it fast, easy, and convenient for you to get the CBC test in Gurgaon. This way we can ensure that the least time is spent in the commute to you for sample collection. Also, this ensures that samples collected rapidly reach the center for analysis and don't get hampered. 

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