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    What is a Ferritin Test?

    Ferritin Test Parameters

    Ferritin Test Preparation

    Prerequisites: No special preparations are needed for a Ferritin blood test. This test is simple and does not require fasting.

    Best time to get tested: The Ferritin blood test can be performed at any time of the day, providing the flexibility to schedule it at your convenience.

    Who Should Take Ferritin Test: The Ferritin blood test is usually recommended for those at risk of iron-related issues, including symptoms like anaemia, fatigue, or unexplained weakness. Your treating doctor will evaluate your medical history and symptoms to determine if the test is appropriate for you.

    Cautions before taking a Ferritin test: There are no specific precautions to take before undergoing a Ferritin test since it only involves drawing blood. For any questions regarding preparation or the testing process, consult your treating doctor. They will give you advice based on your health requirements.

    To conclude, it is an uncomplicated test that provides valuable information about your iron levels. It is vital to follow any instructions from your doctor to ensure precise results.

    Why Take a Ferritin Test?

    The Ferritin test at home is vital for assessing iron levels and identifying conditions associated with iron imbalances. Its primary roles include:

    • Diagnosing Conditions Related to Iron Imbalance: The test can diagnose disorders like hemochromatosis from excess iron, iron deficiency anaemia due to low iron, and some liver conditions since ferritin is primarily stored in the liver.

    • Monitoring and Treatment of Various Conditions: This test helps monitor iron levels in conditions like cancer, kidney disease, and autoimmune disorders where iron might be low and checks the success of iron therapy.

    • Evaluating Iron Levels in At-Risk Groups: It determines if your body has enough iron and is recommended for underweight individuals, pregnant women, and those with absorption issues such as IBD or after GI surgery.

    A Ferritin test is necessary if you exhibit symptoms of ferritin imbalance:

    • Low Ferritin Symptoms: Your doctor may advise this test if you show signs of iron deficiency anaemia, such as paler skin, chronic fatigue, general weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath, and rapid heartbeat.

    • High Ferritin Symptoms: Symptoms such as joint pain, cardiovascular issues, unexplained weight loss, abdominal discomfort, hair loss, reduced libido, and persistent fatigue suggesting high serum iron (hemochromatosis or iron overload) might prompt your doctor to recommend a Ferritin test along with other evaluations.

    Regular Ferritin testing is crucial for maintaining an optimal iron balance and overall health. It provides essential data on your iron levels and assists in the early detection and management of iron-related disorders.

    Ferritin Test Results & Interpretation

    Interpreting ferritin levels helps determine your iron status. Reduced levels might indicate iron deficiency, while increased levels could suggest underlying health concerns. Use this table to help you understand your Ferritin test results:

    Ferritin LevelRangePossible Causes
    LowLess than 17.9 ng/mLLow levels are seen in Iron deficiency anaemia (inadequate red blood cells) Bleeding in the digestive tract Poor absorption of iron from diet and medications Heavy menstrual bleeding
    Normal17.9 to 464 ng/mL
    HighMore than 464 ng/mLHigh levels are seen in Liver disease Alcohol use disorder Hemochromatosis (Iron Overload) Hyperthyroidism Autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis Chronic conditions, such as diabetes Cancer, such as blood cancers (leukaemia or lymphoma) Obesity

    FAQs on Ferritin Test in Gurgaon

    The cost of the Ferritin test in Gurgaon ₹ 850. This price covers swift ferritin test home collection within 60 of booking. The test reports will be available in None hours.

    The Ferritin test assesses the ferritin levels in your blood and examines the iron stores in the body. Therefore, the test helps diagnose iron deficiency and iron overload in your body.

    No, the Ferritin blood test does not require any fasting.

    Yes, you can book a Ferritin test home collection with Orange Health Labs. A professional eMedic will come to your home to collect the sample safely and conveniently.

    To book any blood test or health checkup on Orange Health Labs, follow these steps:

    • Search for the test on our platform, select the Ferritin test for Gurgaon or home testing, and click on Orange Health's listing.

    • Review test prerequisites, enter your address, and confirm the booking by selecting a suitable sample collection time slot.

    • A skilled eMedic will arrive within your chosen time slot to collect the sample at your home.

    • Samples will be processed at our NABL-accredited and ICMR-approved labs.

    • Receive your test reports via email or WhatsApp within None hours. They will also be available on our app.

    The normal range for ferritin in the blood is typically between 17.9 and 464 ng/mL, although this range may vary slightly by laboratory and the specific reference values applied. Your healthcare provider will interpret your results based on these parameters.

    The test reports for Ferritin blood test will be available within None hours of sample collection.

    The frequency of getting a Ferritin blood test will be determined by your doctor based on the risk factors and symptoms.

    The Ferritin test measures the levels of only one parameter, ferritin levels.

    The Ferritin blood test does not require any special preparations such as fasting.

    The signs of iron deficiency appear slowly, starting with mild manifestations and worsening if left unaddressed. Symptoms include fatigue, shivering, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, chest discomfort, dizziness, light-headedness, easy bruising, headaches, and restless legs syndrome.

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