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    What is a Iron Profile Test?

    The Iron Profile test is a set of blood tests that determine the levels of iron and iron-binding proteins in your body. Iron is critical for red blood cell production and oxygen transportation. Both low and high iron levels can cause health problems such as iron metabolism disorders, iron deficiency anaemia, and iron overload. This test examines the iron levels in addition to the levels of transferrin, the primary iron-transporting protein, and the ability of iron to bind to this protein. Evaluating these parameters collectively helps pinpoint the nature and extent of iron-related abnormalities, guiding appropriate treatment and management strategies.

    People in Gurgaon experiencing health issues potentially linked to iron imbalance can benefit from booking an Iron Profile test in Gurgaon.

    Iron Profile Test Parameters

    The Iron Profile Blood test consists of the following parameters:

    Serum Iron

    Measures the iron concentration in your blood.

    Total Iron-Binding Capacity (TIBC)

    Evaluates how well iron binds to proteins like transferrin, indicating the body's iron reserves.

    Transferrin Saturation

    The ratio of serum iron to TIBC, indicating the percentage of transferrin that is saturated with iron.

    Unsaturated Iron-Binding Capacity (UIBC)

    Assesses the amount of transferrin available to transport iron in your bloodstream.

    Iron Profile Test Preparation

    Here are key factors to consider before an Iron Profile Blood test:


    You do not need to fast for the Iron Profile test.

    Best Time to Get Tested

    Iron levels are highest in the morning and decrease during the day, so the test is generally done in the morning. Your doctor will provide the best advice regarding the timing of your test.

    Who Should Take an Iron Profile Test

    The Iron Profile Blood test is typically recommended if your full blood count shows abnormalities in red cell counts. It is also necessary if you have symptoms of either low or high iron levels.

    Cautions Before Taking Iron Profile Test

    There are no specific precautions for the Iron Profile test. However, inform your doctor about any vitamins, supplements, herbs, medications, over-the-counter drugs, and any illicit substances you are taking.

    Why Take a Iron Profile Test?

    Your doctor might suggest an Iron Profile test if they suspect your iron levels are abnormal, particularly if you are pregnant. Low iron levels during pregnancy can increase the risk of developmental delays in babies.

    Symptoms of low iron include:

    • Feeling cold

    • Frequent illness

    • Fatigue

    • Difficulties at school or work

    • Tongue swelling

    • Delayed learning in children

    Symptoms of high iron levels include:

    • Abdominal Pain

    • Joint Pain

    • Fatigue

    The Iron Profile Blood test is important for various reasons:

    • Tracking Iron Overload Conditions : High iron levels may indicate hereditary hemochromatosis, which can damage organs if not treated.

    • Diagnosing Iron Deficiency Anaemia : Low iron levels can lead to anaemia, causing fatigue, weakness, and other symptoms.

    • Evaluating Iron Levels in Chronic Conditions : Chronic illnesses like kidney disease or inflammatory bowel disease can affect iron levels and require monitoring.

    • Identifying Underlying Causes : Abnormal iron levels may suggest underlying conditions such as liver diseases.

    • Evaluating for Restless Legs Syndrome : Characterised by tingling or burning sensations in the legs.

    • Monitoring Iron Therapy : Helps determine the effectiveness of iron supplementation or iron-chelation therapy for iron overload.

    Iron Profile Test Results & Interpretation

    Understanding your Iron Profile test results is critical, as they demonstrate your body’s iron levels. Here is what your results could indicate:

    Iron Profile TestBiological Reference
    Serum Iron Test49-181 µg/dL
    Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC)261-462 µg/dL
    Unbound Iron Binding Capacity (UIBC)110-370 µg/dL
    Transferrin Saturation16-55 %

    To interpret your Iron Profile test results, your doctor will look at your age, symptoms, medical history, and other blood tests. If your iron levels are low, it might suggest iron deficiency anaemia or thalassaemia, an inherited blood disorder where the body produces fewer healthy red blood cells than normal. Further tests may be necessary to diagnose thalassaemia. If your iron levels are high, it could indicate conditions like liver disease, haemochromatosis, or lead poisoning. However, abnormal iron test results do not always signify a health issue. Hormonal changes during menstruation or certain medications, including birth control pills, can also affect iron levels. TIBC can be influenced by oestrogens and oral contraceptives. Transferrin saturation is observed in conditions like idiopathic haemochromatosis and transfusional haemosiderosis. Regardless of your test results, it is crucial to schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor for further evaluation and suitable care.

    FAQs on Iron Profile Test in Gurgaon

    The Iron Profile test price is ₹ 600. The Iron Profile test price includes the fastest home sample collection within 60 minutes of booking, and the reports are available in 6 hours.

    Yes, Orange Health Labs offers home sample collection for the Iron Profile test. You can have your sample collected at home within 60 minutes of booking, depending on slot availability.

    An Iron Profile test examines the levels of iron and iron-binding proteins in your body, helping to evaluate your overall iron status.

    No, fasting is not necessary before an Iron Profile test at home.

    Listed below are the steps to book any blood test or health checkup on our platform

    • Search for the test: Look for the Ferritin Test in Gurgaon or at home and click on Orange Health’s listing.

    • Review and Book: Select the test, check the test prerequisites, enter your address, and confirm the booking after picking a suitable time slot for sample collection.

    • Sample Collection: Our skilled eMedic will arrive within your chosen time slot to collect the sample at your home.

    • Lab Processing: The collected sample will be sent to and examined at our NABL accredited and ICMR approved labs.

    • Receive Results: You will receive your reports via email or WhatsApp within 6 hours. They will also be available on our app

    The normal levels of the Iron Profile test are given below:

    • Serum Iron Test: 49-181 µg/dL

    • Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC): 261-462 µg/dL

    • Transferrin Saturation: 16-55%

    • Unbound Iron Binding Capacity (UIBC): 110-370 µg/dL

    The Iron Profile test reports are available within 6 hours.

    The frequency of the Iron Profile Blood test varies according to your doctor’s recommendations and your health requirements.

    Parameters measured in the Iron Profile test usually include serum iron, TIBC, transferrin saturation, and UIBC.

    An Iron Profile test can aid in detecting conditions like:

    • Iron deficiency anaemia

    • Thalassemia

    • Hemochromatosis

    • Liver disease

    Symptoms of anaemia include:

    • Fatigue (Feeling too tired to manage your activities, often the most noticeable symptom of anaemia)

    • Dizziness

    • Headache

    • Pallor (Skin colour that's paler than usual)

    • Shortness of breath (dyspnoea)

    • Chest pain

    • Heart palpitations

    • Pulsatile tinnitus

    • Frequent infections

    Iron is crucial in the human body because it aids in the production of haemoglobin, which transports oxygen in the bloodstream, and it participates in enzyme functions and multiple metabolic processes.

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