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What is a Cortisol (Random) test?

Cortisol is known to be elevated by stress, but exactly how high it should rise to constitute a normal response in times of severe stress is not known. The cortisol test may be used to help diagnose the Cushing syndrome, a condition associated with excess cortisol, or to help diagnose adrenal insufficiency or Addison's disease, conditions associated with deficient cortisol. For this test, the blood sample can be collected at any time.

When is the Cortisol (Random) test recommended?

It is recommended:

  • To diagnose Cushing’s syndrome.

  • To analyse Addison’s disease.

  • To measure and diagnose conditions of the adrenal glands or pituitary glands.

What does it measure?

The Cortisol (Random) test measures:

  • Cortisol is produced in the adrenal gland and is known as the major adrenal glucocorticoid steroid hormone. Its normal feedback is controlled by the pituitary ACTH and the hypothalamus.

  • Balanced cortisol values are very important for helping to maintain healthy stress levels, immune responses, glucose levels, and blood pressure.

  • Analysing hypoadrenalism usually requires confirmation with ACTH stimulation due to the circadian rhythms of cortisol and other various factors. Higher cortisol levels often look like a loss of a normal diurnal variation at first, but typical causes include adrenal adenomas, pituitary overproduction of ACTH, and production of ACTH by a tumour (notably oat cell cancers).

How long will the reports take?

You will get the reports within 6 hours after the collection of the blood sample.

What is the cost of the Cortisol (Random) test in Gurgaon?

The cost of the Cortisol (Random) test in Gurgaon is Rs. 500.

How often should I get tested for the Cortisol (Random) test?

The Cortisol (Random) test is prescribed by your doctor after completing the assessment of your conditions.

What are the normal values of the Cortisol (Random) test?

0–10 mcg/dL

What is the type of sample required?

We require a blood sample for this test.

What time should I get the test done?

This test can be taken at any time during the day.

Is fasting required for the Cortisol (Random) test?

Fasting is not required for this test.

Any other precautions to be taken before getting myself tested for a Cortisol (Random) test?

There are no specific precautions for this test.

How can I book a Cortisol (Random) test in Gurgaon?

Log into and submit your details. Our highly trained, professional, and vaccinated eMedics will be at your doorstep within 60 minutes or at the time booked by you.

Why should I book a Cortisol (Random) test with Orange Health in Gurgaon?

Orange Health is the fastest diagnostic lab. With us, you can get tested at home within 60 minutes of placing an order anywhere in Gurgaon. Our trained, professional, and vaccinated e Medic will be at your doorstep at the time selected by you. Your sample is safely transported at the optimal temperature to our NABL accredited and ICMR-approved lab. The results will be delivered to you faster too!

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