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Comprehensive Influenza Profile(H3N2, H1N1, Inf A&B, COVID) Package in Bangalore

Tests for 5 Parameters
Seasonal flu like H3N2 is hard to control and increasing. Take Comprehensive Influenza Profile checkup to avoid H3N2, H1N1, influenza, or COVID-19. Diagnosis is crucial, especially for high-risk groups like pregnant women, elderly, children, and those with heart or lung disease.
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Influenza Screening Test Details

Package NameInfluenza Screening Test Package
PriceThe Influenza Test Price in Bangalore is Rs.4999
Tests Included5 Tests, 5 Parameters
PurposeTo diagnose H3N2, H1N1, influenza, or COVID-19
Pre-test InformationNo special preparation is required. Fasting is not required.
Report DeliveryGet Reports Within 2 Days
FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
Home TestingYes; Free home throat swab and nasal swab sample collection in 60 mins from booking
Sample RequiredA Throat swab and Nasal swab are required for Influenza Panel Test

Assessing the Public Health Impact of Influenza and COVID-19

Social systems and healthcare facilities are still significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Influenza, also known as the flu, and COVID-19 have similar epidemiology, hence it is critical to ensure that the management of both of these respiratory diseases is done properly. Although COVID-19 (COVID-19 virus SARS-COV-2) and influenza are both highly contagious diseases affecting the upper respiratory tract, they are caused by different viruses. COVID-19 can spread more quickly than the influenza virus.  

Each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are approximately 1 billion cases of human influenza, with 3-5 million cases classified as severe, particularly affecting children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems. This results in between 290,000 to 650,000 deaths annually.  

If you have symptoms of influenza and are looking for a comprehensive Influenza test in Bangalore, your search ends here. Orange Health Labs is a network of labs where you can easily schedule your test and get quick results from the comfort of your home

Relevance of Timely Testing for Effective Early Detection and Prevention of Influenza Flu

Effective flu management and swift antiviral treatment, ideally within 48 hours of symptoms appearing, are crucial for reducing the impact of the flu, particularly in the context of COVID-19. Moreover, while influenza can manifest with a variety of symptoms, an estimated 4% to 28% of individuals with influenza may show no symptoms. 

To prevent the spread and control the severity of flu, influenza diagnostic test and timely testing is very important. The influenza diagnostic test in Bangalore offered by Orange Health Labs is a perfect selection for your tests. 

Why Timely Treatment, Isolation, and Disease Control Are Critical

Influenza is a highly infectious disease, and effective surveillance and diagnosis must be done for its treatment and management. The use of antivirals within 48 hours and vaccines is recommended for its treatment, especially among groups at high risk for complications. These complications can include respiratory failure, pneumonia, cardiac injury, sepsis (life-threatening reaction to infection), and multiple organ failure.  

Self-isolation is important to reduce the spread of these diseases among other strategies like contact tracing and regular testing. The diagnosis can be performed by conducting various influenza tests to confirm the presence of the disease.

Breaking Down Flu Symptoms and Ways of Spread

Influenza can result in mild-to-severe illness and, in some cases, can even be fatal. Typically, flu symptoms manifest suddenly, and individuals affected by the flu may experience one or more of the following symptoms: sore throat, cough, fever or feeling feverish/chills, headaches, fatigue (tiredness), runny or stuffy nose, muscle, or body aches. Vomiting and diarrhoea can also occur but are mainly observed in children. It's essential to emphasise that not everyone who has the flu will necessarily have a fever.  

It takes more than one day for a person to show symptoms of flu, but it is also possible to have flu even if you do not have any signs of illness. People infected with flu are infectious for up to 7 days after the onset of illness. The disease is spread due to an infected person’s cough sneeze or even talking, the respiratory droplets can enter a healthy person’s body by inhalation into their lungs. Rarely, a person may also develop the flu by touching a surface or object that has been in contact with the virus and then touching their nose or mouth. 

Who Can Benefit from the Influenza Panel Test in Bangalore?

People who are at higher risk of getting infected by Influenza can benefit from influenza diagnostic tests. These include young children, adults above the age of 65 years, pregnant women, and people suffering from asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cancer, or heart problems. In addition, anyone who comes in close contact with an infected person, is travelling, and has flu-like symptoms and is seeking peace of mind should also undergo the influenza tests. 

The Viruses Tested in this Package: H3N2, H1N1, Influenza A, Influenza B, and COVID-19

Comprehensive Influenza Profile in Bangalore provides 5 tests that include the evaluation of infection by these viruses: 

  • H1N1 

  • Influenza A  

  • Influenza B  

  • H3N2 

  • COVID-19 

The flu, caused by the influenza virus, is of three main types: Influenza A, B, and C. Influenza A and B are seasonal, with more severe symptoms, often occurring in winter. Influenza C, on the other hand, doesn't cause severe symptoms and remains relatively constant throughout the year. H1N1, known as "swine flu," and H3N2 are subtypes of Influenza A. 

The infections are detected by throat and nasal swabs. If early detection and treatment of these viruses is not done, it can lead to further complications like pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections or ear infections, especially in people with weakened immune systems, the elderly or young children. Prioritise seeking medical attention if you are suffering from any of these symptoms.  

Price of Influenza Screening Test Package in Bangalore

The cost of Influenza Screening Test in Bangalore is INR 4999. This package includes 05 tests and 5 Parameters which are crucial for identifying a persistent fever. 

Delving into the Objectives and Advantages of the Comprehensive Influenza Profile Test Package

The objective of taking the Comprehensive Influenza Profile Test Package is that you will be able to detect the infection in a timely manner.  

This influenza screening test package will also help diagnose if you have influenza or COVID-19. Further, timely detection will help prevent any further complications like pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections ear infections, and so on.

Assessing the Risk Factors Associated with the Influenza Screening Test

There are no risks associated with influenza tests. You may feel slightly uncomfortable feeling during sample collection, but this does not last. These tests are very crucial for the detection of various infectious diseases like H3N2, H1N1, Influenza A, Influenza B, and COVID-19 

Why you should Book the Influenza Test Online in Bangalore with Orange Health

All Orange Health Labs are NABL- and ICMR-accredited labs and they provide accurate and highly reliable results for various tests like the H1N1 influenza test in Bangalore. Our labs are one of the country’s leading lab facilities. 

You can book lab tests in Bangalore or health checkups in Bangalore by searching for Orange Health Labs on the internet 

  • Visit the Orange Healthcare website. 

  • Choose Bangalore as your location. 

  • Select Comprehensive Influenza Profile 

  • Register your mobile number (ensuring that you provide an accessible number) 

  • Our dedicated team will contact you soon, and a payment link will be provided to you through WhatsApp 

  • Our eMedic, who is both highly professional and fully vaccinated, will then arrive at your doorstep at the time slot you've selected (available slots can be viewed on the order confirmation page). 

No preparation is needed for the test. Only throat and nasal swabs are required for the test. 

Our eMedic will arrive at your doorstep to collect the sample swabs of your throat and nose. 

The time required for the evaluation of samples is 2 days and the results will be forwarded to you via WhatsApp or email.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Influenza Screening Test Package in Bangalore

How Can I Recognize Influenza Symptoms, and What Makes Them Different from Symptoms of Other Illnesses?

Symptoms of influenza are sore throat, cough, fever or feverish/chills, headaches, fatigue (tiredness), runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, vomiting or diarrhoea. The disease takes more than 2 days to show symptoms. 

How Does the Flu and influenza Diagnostic Test Differ from a COVID-19 Test?

The COVID-19 and flu RT-PCR tests can differentiate between these illnesses. These conditions also bring about changes in your blood parameters. 

What is the price of influenza test in Bangalore?

The price of the influenza test in Bangalore is 4999 rupees. You can check the website for further details.   

When and where can I see the results of my influenza test near me in Bangalore?

Your results will be delivered to you after 2 days of sample collection via email, WhatsApp, or the Orange Health Labs app.

Orange Health Labs provides the fastest Comprehensive Influenza Profile(H3N2, H1N1, Inf A&B, COVID) services across Bangalore
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