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    Weight Loss Screening Package in Bangalore

    Tests for 72 Parameters
    Experiencing sudden weight gain? Learn how your body responds to your lifestyle and its impact on your weight. In today's sedentary and stress-filled world, it's crucial to monitor your hormone, stress, and nutrition levels. Our checkup provides valuable insights into the key factors influencing your body weight, including Vitamin D, B12, Testosterone along with other supportive tests like Kidney Function, HbAlc, and Blood Sugar to identify potential health risks associated with weight changes.
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    Weight Loss Screening Package Details

    Package NameWeight Loss Screening Package
    PriceThe Weight Loss screening Package Price in Bangalore is Rs 1999
    Tests Included13 Tests, 72 Parameters
    PurposeTo detect the conditions that may be associated with weight changes
    Pre-test InformationNo special preparation is required. Fasting is not required.
    Report DeliveryGet Reports within 7 hours
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
    Home TestingYes; Free home blood sample collection in 60 mins from booking
    Sample RequiredA blood sample is required for Weight Loss Screening

    The Importance of Weight Loss Screening: A Vital Step Towards Health

    Screening for weight loss involves regularly tracking changes in your body weight. It is widely recognized that maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for overall well-being. Both excessive weight gain (obesity) and significant weight loss (malnutrition) can lead to various health issues, ultimately contributing to the development of several diseases. Conversely, weight alterations may also be indicative of underlying medical issues as a result of which weight changes occur.  You can proactively manage your health by utilizing blood tests for weight loss as a tool for monitoring weight-related concerns. These tests help assess the contributing factors that affect your weight. If your blood test results reveal any irregularities, you can address the issue and take the necessary steps to achieve and sustain a healthy weight for a better quality of life.

    Why Blood Tests for Weight Loss Matters

    Clinicians consistently advise health screenings such as the weight loss blood test panel. These panels are valuable for identifying underlying conditions that may be responsible for weight-related issues, enabling prompt intervention for these and effectively managing weight before it becomes challenging to handle or regulate. Consequently, early detection of weight problems plays a pivotal role in preventing the escalation of these into severe or irreversible diseases and thus improves overall health.

    Benefits of Weight Loss Screening

    Monitoring of health plays an important role in the management of health-related issues and problems. This weight loss screening package consists of all the essential tests required for the overall monitoring of weight irregularities in an individual. The advantages of undergoing weight loss screening are:

    • These screenings help identify any potential health issues that may be contributing to weight gain or difficulty losing weight. 

    • These screenings help in early management of weight that can prevent the occurrence of several diseases. 

    • These screenings provide insights into how food intake affects an individual’s weight, as well as their body's metabolic and excretory rates.  

    • The screenings enable individuals to adjust their dietary choices and exercise routines to align with their desired weight range.  

    • The screenings assist individuals in developing healthy habits that, in turn, help them sustain their weight over an extended period.

    What You Need to Know about our Weight Loss Blood Test Panel in Bangalore

    The weight loss screening package in Bangalore provided by Orange Health is a well-curated screening package for the assessment of weight-related issues. It consists of 13 essential tests working on almost 72 parameters which are commonly found to be associated with weight changes. To have a detailed idea of the tests and parameters included please visit the Orange Health website.

    What's Included in Your Blood Panel for Weight Loss 

    The comprehensive blood panel for weight loss in Bangalore encompasses a range of essential tests designed to assess weight changes comprehensively. These tests include: 

    1. Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1c Test in Bangalore) - 2 Parameters

    2. LFT Test in Bangalore with GGT - 12 Parameters 

    1. 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D (Vitamin-D Test in Bangalore) - 1 Parameter

    1. Testosterone - Total Test in Bangalore - 1 Parameter. 

    1. Vitamin B12 Test in Bangalore - 1 Parameter

    1. Cortisol Random Test in Bangalore - 1 Parameter

    2. Lipid Profile Test in Bangalore - 9 Parameters 

    1. Iron Profile Test in Bangalore - 4 Parameters 

    1. Thyroid Function Test (TFT Test in Bangalore) - 3 Parameters

    1. CBC Test in Bangalore + ESR - 25 Parameters 

    1. Advanced Kidney Function Test (KTF Test in Bangalore) - 11 Parameters

    2. Ferritin Test in Bangalore - 1 Parameter

    3. Glucose - Random (RBS Test in Bangalore) - 1 Parameter.

    Weight Loss Screening Package Cost in Bangalore

    The weight loss screening package in bangalore is ₹1999. When you make your initial reservation, you will get a one-time 15% discount on the Weight loss checkup price in Bangalore.

    Determining Eligibility for the Weight Loss Screening Package 

    Weight loss screening tests are not necessary for everyone. These are certain situations wherein weight monitoring is required and in such cases you can go for a blood panel for weight loss. The eligibility for weight loss screening are: 

    • If there is an unexpected gain or loss of weight.  

    • If you have or show symptoms a disease/condition related to body weight  

    • If you are obese or malnourished 

    • If you have achieved your weight loss goal and aim to sustain your new weight. 

    • If your body is prepared and able to endure a weight loss/gain regimen.

    Assessing Risks in the Weight Loss Screening Package 

    There are no risks involved in the assessment of weight loss through the weight loss panel tests. You may only experience test results related anxiety and stress. 

    Why Choose Orange Health for Weight Loss Screening Package

    As healthcare expenses continue to rise, Orange Health remains committed to offering high-quality services at affordable and reasonable prices. You can conveniently get the tests you need in the comfort of your home without incurring any additional charges for the home service. This dedication to ensuring everyone's well-being positions Orange Health Lab as the top choice for accessing healthcare services.

    How to book 

    Booking a weight loss blood test panel in Bangalore is very easy with Orange Health Labs. Follow the simple steps listed below:          

    • Visit the website  and search for ‘blood test for weight loss near me’.         

    • Enter your location and provide the necessary information as requested. It will include the date, day, and time provided by you.         

    • Our eMedic will contact you at the specified time, day, and date.          

    • Sample collection will be conducted at your home.         

    • Samples will be analysed at our accredited laboratory, certified by NABL and ICMR, and the results will be sent to you via WhatsApp and email.  


    The necessary preparations prior to undergoing tests will vary based on the specific tests included in your blood tests for weight loss. Discuss with your healthcare provider before going for a weight loss screening test to get an appropriate idea of the preparation that is required.  

    Sample required    

    A blood sample is required for a weight loss test.

    Process of sample collection    

    Once you have booked a blood test weight loss near me, a professionally trained executive from Orange Health Labs will arrive at your home. The executive will take your blood sample required for test conduction.

    Visit our website to discover more information about the various lab tests in Bangalore & health checkups in Bangalore. Call our professional to set up the collection of your test samples from any location within Bangalore.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Loss Screening Package

    1. How can I prepare for the screening process? 

    There is no preparation or fasting that is required before a weight loss screening. Still consult your healthcare provider before going for a weight loss screening blood test. 

    2. How soon will I receive the results of my screening? 

    With Orange Health Labs you will get your results within 7 hours of sample collection. 

    3. Are there any age restrictions or recommendations for this package? 

    No, there are no age restrictions for weight loss screenings. It is recommended that individuals above 18 years of age have increased chances of developing obesity, therefore they should take regular weight loss screening for the maintenance of health.

    4. What is the cost of the Weight Loss Screening Package near me? 

    To get a detailed idea of the prices of weight loss screening packages please visit the Orange Health website and contact their customer care services. 

    5. What types of samples are collected as part of the weight loss screening? 

    Blood samples are gathered to evaluate different bodily functions that are associated with an individual's weight gain or weight loss.  

    6. How often should one undergo this Blood Test for Weight Loss Package? 

    The frequency of weight monitoring will depend on your doctor’s advice based on your health status. Still, yearly monitoring of weight-related issues using blood tests can be considered.

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